Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Turkish Meal in Sudan

Was a bit tired to cook and we opt to eat out. Thought of this Turkish restaurant by the name of Aspawa Restaurant which is about seven minutes' drive from our home.

At 8.14pm, the external temperature was still at 31 degree celcius. But cool wind has started to blow and winter is setting in.

They have ceiling fans and air-conds (more of air blower) but you won't feel the cold effect. The owners are from Turkey and you could the son's (in 40s) sitting at the cashier counter (more of stucked at the seat). He'll be taking down the orders so that he could record the amount for each table. Not that it was packed but that's the boss.

His father would be chatting away with his friend at another table, enjoying life. We were baffled as to how this Turkish family has landed in Sudan, which is quite far. They have managed to settle down here and opened up a eatery.

Their menu showing the the kind of food that a Turkish restaurant may serve.

Prost Chicken??? What's that? BTW, it's roast chicken and the price for one whole chicken is 30 Sudanese Pound. Yeah, that's a solid US$15 for one chicken. Out of stock anyway.

We ordered two Grill Chicken Half - 15 Sudanese Pound.

Simple setting in the restaurant ..... just like a restaurant in a small town back home. Over four years of travelling to Sudan, this restaurant has not changed at all.

Our meals came about fifteen minutes later and we ordered a mixed salad too, Sudanese style of course. This salad is to eaten by dipping your bread into it.

Solid grill ................ right into the bone ........ became Charcoal Chicken now. This is Sudan, just thank God that there is reasonable food here.

Total cost for the dinner for two guys - 36 Sudanese Pound (US$18).
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! I would like to try the kebab there

03 December, 2008 08:56  
Blogger Jason Law said...

Wow,you have been in and out about 4 years time? Do you miss Malaysia?Hahaha...Btw, how is the taste of Sudanese food? It seems the food is not that cheap in Sudan?

03 December, 2008 19:01  
Blogger soulesscloudy said...

wow.. how the taste of the chicken?? look like sudah hangus.. hehe

03 December, 2008 19:24  
Blogger kenneth ling said...

does it same taste like last time..
look different...

03 December, 2008 19:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The food look OK and yummy, I will try!

03 December, 2008 20:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh i love chicken dish....

03 December, 2008 22:36  
Blogger acura said...

In Sudan but craving for Turkish food? Haha Prost chicken, it sounds so wrong. Bad English aside, the food looks tasty.

04 December, 2008 03:05  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - the difference in taste will depend on the spices they use here

jason - miss? of course. no question abt that. depends on what u eat .... local food here is not tasty at all unless u are willing to pay at higher priced cafes.

wanwan - haha .... a bit of their nice spice but not overall, not that tasty

kenneth - almost the same

daniel - first have to bear the heat and dirt in sudan first hehe

cazzy - even a burnt chicken?

acura - need to change a bit. at times will get lazy cooking at home

06 December, 2008 02:12  
Blogger Riza said...

I think they were better off leaving it as Doner instead of making a silly translation

15 December, 2008 07:34  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

riza - haha ..... no one told them that it was wrong ... maybe i will advise them when i dine at that place again

27 December, 2008 14:26  

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