Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dinner at Baby Moon

When it comes to dinner time, it's always the biggest question of my life - "what to eat?".

This time I remembered that a new restaurant, located at Taman Danau Desa, has just opened and why not try it out. Just a short walk from my condo.

Very torturing in blogging about such nice food when you are stucked in Sudan.

I can't recall the name of this dish but it was fried with lots of pepper. Nevertheless it was tasty with the aroma filling the restaurant the moment it was put right in front of you. Joshua, if you were reading this blog posting, please let me know the name of this dish.

This was mine, the Japanese Curry Chicken that comes with white rice. The gravy is basically more of black pepper than the curry taste. Maybe that was Japanese curry style. Never tasted it before so I gave a shot.

This is the Herbal Chicken Soup with Noodles together with a Honey Milk Tea. Too much ........ just writing the name itself got my saliva drooling.

Was this the Seafood Fried Rice ....... really got confused. Their food is given thumbs up by us. Won't mind going there again if the question of "what to eat?" crops up again and not knowing where to go.

All in all, four main dishes with three drinks cost us RM52. No 5% service tax.

They mentioned that their shop has good tau foo fa. It was served in a wooden container. Nice, not too sweet and smooth of it is important.



Blogger TZ said...

Dude, i thot Sudan has the restaurant Baby Moon and a wow! when i first saw the picture ... Sudan is so modern ... hahaha

Anyway, how's life over there? How's the weather?

14 November, 2008 02:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tz - life here is fun ..... eat sleep work eat sleep work

how i wished that baby moon was here. weather is ard 37-39 during day, cooled down a lot d. at nite will have cooler wind thus bringing the temperature down

winter's near

14 November, 2008 02:50  
Blogger TZ said...

wow! Temperature in Kampala is not as hot as Sudan in the day... temperature in kampala is about 32c and nite is so cooling :-)

I'm looking forward to be back to Kampala .. hahaha:-p

14 November, 2008 15:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it me or does everything look pinkish? Is that how Japanese curry is supposed to look like? Kawaii colored like every other Japanese thing? XD

Uh, you brought the photos all the way there. Wow indeed!

p.s. Craving for taufu fa!!

14 November, 2008 15:39  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tz - the hot weather here is really crazy

usws - first time i had this dish. my photos were saved in my notebook so i get to upload it here.

14 November, 2008 21:21  
Blogger Annoymous said...

Curry looks not so diluted.

29 November, 2008 20:46  
Blogger TNH said...

should i say the food look weird or it is special..because really never see before...haha

29 November, 2008 20:55  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

harmony - u are correct there, its quite thick. as said, i just need to try it out

tnh - haha, it was my first time too. not much of main course choices anyway

29 November, 2008 23:22  

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