Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport

An airport limo was supposed to pick me up from the hotel back to the Dubai International Airport. I thought the limo would wait for me but it didn't. The hotel staff did tell me when I check in earlier that the limo would be fetching me around 12.30pm. I only came down at 12.45pm.

Ended up having to take a taxi to the airport and the hotel staff hailed me a taxi. Then I realised I don't have UAE Dirhams. As I was told that the taxi fare would be 20 Dirhams, I found only 18 Dirhams in my wallet. Forced to change my US Dollars into Dirhams.

The taxi driver was really cunning. The hotel staff told me that I need to pay 20 Dirhams for the short journey but upon arrival, the driver said it was supposed to be 30 Dirhams.

So be it. If he thinks by earning another 10 Dirham would make him rich, let him continue to dream like that. And this fellow almost missed the drop off point for Business class passengers. Even though I have told him earlier, he almost wanted to go straight to the normal public entrance. Not that I hard up for making a grand entrance at the Business class area but the crowd there is much lesser and would be faster in going through the immigration checks too.

Another long walk back to the departure area of the airport. Really really big airport. As I was walking in, I just realised that I still do not know which boarding gate is it for my flight to Sudan.

Walked back to the check in counter and was told gate 222. My my ........... how many boarding gates do they have.

Even their lifts are super duper huge.

Dubai Airport is famous for their duty free shopping. How duty free also, you have to fork out money to buy whatever you wanted.

The Business class lounge in Dubai Airport is really spacious till I can't capture the whole area in one shot. It has a few rest areas and through my estimate, it could easily fit in more than 300 people at one go.

Of course, this shot was taken near the food counter. Lots of people were eating away just like me. In terms of quantity maybe not like me.

They have computer workstations for people like me to update FB and blog hehehe. Not only washroom was provided but shower areas too.

With 35 minutes to go, I went to my boarding gate no. 222. Saw the whereabout of the boarding gate prior entering the lounge ........ you know la, just in case it was my bad day in missing the major part of my travel ........ which is the airplane.

Upon entering the boarding gate, one has to walk really really far just to go into my airplane. You need to go down to a waiting area by escalator and then all the way passed the yellow coloured seats to enter another door to access the ramp to the airplane. Too huge.

You can't see me taking such picture at Khartoum airport due to security reasons ......... your camera will be confiscated if caught doing so, in which case, your friend here was almost the victim.

Yeah, beat that!

Awwwwww my airplane is already here ....... here I come Sudan. Khartoum, the capital city, is considered my hometown. This is the next city or town after Kuala Lumpur that I have spent most of my time.

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Blogger Unknown said...

lol nice =) i would love to try out one of the high class hotels there one day. if i ever get rich eheh

16 November, 2008 07:33  
Blogger Lifebook said...

Have a safe trip. :)

16 November, 2008 07:36  
Blogger Va:L said...

did u see ppls sleeping on the floor?
Last year Dec, when I transit at Dubai Airport, I saw lots of them sleeping all around....EVERY CORNER

16 November, 2008 11:15  
Blogger eiling lim said...

haha...nice touch on the Dubai airport, i was just there yesterday and didn't even bother taking pictures. Hope you had fun there!

16 November, 2008 13:14  
Blogger SamSeiko said...

computer workstation? no wonder you update so only Khartoum not allowed to take pictures? Dubai allowed to take at least I know how it looks like there....

16 November, 2008 15:04  
Blogger Arrivals Duty Free said...

Yes it is true Dubai terminal 3 is wonderful and they have two very good arrivals duty free shops as well!

16 November, 2008 22:32  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

irvine - oh yea, lots of high class hotels which i wanted to get in too

lifebook - yeah, will do

val - that's bcuz their waiting time could be way beyond 8 hrs and no place to rest. their cheap tickets are those that don't come with transit hotel options.

eiling - didn't bother??? looks like i was overdoin it then haha

elite - dubai is just like KL, no problem with photo shots all over the place

dutyfree - big enough to cater the numerous passengers too

17 November, 2008 03:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

was in T3 business lounge last week. Pity they forgot to build enough bogs! There was a 1/2 hour wait at each one for a crap! They forgot the jinglys take 1/2 an hour at a time to do whatever the fuck they do in tyhe bog!
Nice I can get a plane from glasgow to bangkok now just such a pity it has to land a the shithole of Dubai!

30 November, 2008 03:27  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

anonymous - can see that u are pissed but u wld more pissed off for your flight to bangkok right at this point of time.

the airport's close if u haven't noticed

30 November, 2008 06:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my comments werent actually about Bangkok airport!
It wouldnt have bothered me being stuck in BKK, but true if I was stuck in Dubai .............
think Id get the next plane to Mumbai ( or whatever its called this week!)

04 December, 2008 02:24  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

anonymous - i knew what u meant. just that when u were comparing bangkok airport as at 30 nov, bkk airport wld be worse off as the airport has shut down on that particular day u commented.

it was meant to be a joke

04 December, 2008 02:29  

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