Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pizza is Staple Food in Sudan

At times we are lost in deciding what to eat in Khartoum. We had a meeting that lasted till 8pm plus and the idea of cooking at home is definitely out.

As we need to pass by the city centre, we thought of this pizza outlet of which I haven't tried it for almost two year now ............ hehe

It's called Debonairs Pizza. This pizza brand is the originated from South Africa and it's the leading pizza brand in the whole of Africa.

Bread is somehow considered as a staple food in Sudan and any foodstuff related to bread will be also. There are lots of local pizza outlets and we seldom try any of it if we have a choice.

This Debonairs Pizza is sharing its outlet with Steers (owned by same group of companies) that almost sell similar foodstuff like McDonalds ............... fyi, no McDonalds in Sudan.

Downstairs were occupied with Debonairs and Steers counters and kitchens. Upstairs are for customers to have their meals.

We ordered the Hawaiian and BBQ Chicken large pizzas ............ almost same names with those found in Pizza Hut's menu.

And the top texture looks almost the same too ..... the one at the bottom of the pic is the Chicken Barbeque.

Nice? Nothing really special and can't really taste the mozzarella cheese topping. I prefer the Chicken Barbeque for its tastier than the other one.

It has this free delivery service and your pizza will be free if it's not delivered 'hot'. Well, no mention of when will the pizza will arrive at your doorstep though.

How much it cost us? Each pizza cost us 22 Sudanese Pound (US$11) and three of us ordered the Happy Family size that comes with a 1.25 litre Pepsi.

Total cost 53 Sudanese Pound (US$26.50), extremely expensive.
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Blogger foongpc said...

So was it better than Pizza Hut?

Btw, a prize awaits the person who guessed correctly on my blog. Read latest updates : )

20 November, 2008 04:22  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - for the same 2 pizzas, pizza hut's menu taste better

20 November, 2008 04:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's darn expensive!! Bread as staple food? I guess i can never survive in Sudan!!
So uncle, when are you due to be back?

20 November, 2008 11:24  
Blogger Convivialdingo said...

Well, there's no Pizza Hut there..

What a funny name though... perhaps they should have a Haute Teuti Hot Dogs restaurant.

20 November, 2008 14:45  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - u dislike bread? back on 23 dec

conviv - that's a nice name, will suggest that to the owner

21 November, 2008 05:41  
Blogger TZ said...

I agreed with Johnny.... the pizza in Uganda also doesn't seem like have any taste... just flour with some cheese... I prefer Domino Pizza in KL :-p

21 November, 2008 10:12  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tz - if we have tried pizzas in kl before, we wld use it as a comparison elsewhere

21 November, 2008 22:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't dislike bread actually, just that it is not in my preference list. I am pretty Asian when it comes to food, but ofcoz once awhile i do eat fast food, pizza, etc. LOLz.... Till 23rd Dec?? What a long trip!! Then i shall say, 'See you next year!!' lols.... Take care & enjoy your stay and blog more! C u when u r back.

27 November, 2008 13:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - i dont really favour pizza as well but its better than many other food ard here. at times just need to cook (but troublesome)

28 November, 2008 06:20  

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