Sunday, November 16, 2008

Subway Grew Faster Than McDonalds

Subway, a fast food operator that serves sandwiches and salads, has grown so fast that it has overtaken McDonalds in the United Kingdom and Ireland markets. Subway operates via the franchising system and in the last three years, they opened up 800 outlets and it has 1,300 outlets in the whole of UK and Ireland now.

Their next target, 2,010 outlets by year 2010. Surprising to find out that their Meatball Marinara in UK's menu has a number of Facebook fan clubs. Must be very delicious that people reveal their love for it virtually. Subway is almost in every UK major cities / towns and would be flooding the universities, hospitals and football stadiums.

McDonalds in UK has been in the fast food industry long enough and would be able to withstand or counter such business competition with their 1,266 outlets in both UK and Ireland.

Even though Subway has more outlets than McDonalds, McDonalds' revenue is still much higher at £1 billion plus compared to Subway's £400 million sales. Looooooooong way to go for Subway.

Subway in Malaysia has only 27 outlets and if not mistaken, I have not tried their menu yet. Reason being that their presence is not wide enough to capture my attention during meal time. As for McDonalds, there's one just opposite my office building. How not to miss it. I like their Sundae Cone and French Fries.

Reading: How Subway overtook McDonalds - Telegraph UK
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing i do like about subway is the customization thingy. Lol, not that that makes much difference actually with regards to taste.. campur so many things that you end up not being able to tell the difference. But it's a nice feeling lah, to be able to choose.

If only it was cheaper though.

p.s. Wait, but the meatball and beef fillings are good. Those actually taste different from the others.

17 November, 2008 01:31  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i knew that subway malaysia is quite expensive. so never thot of goin near it when i see one. maybe for the meatballs next time.

17 November, 2008 03:08  

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