Saturday, November 15, 2008

Transit Time in Dubai

Arrival at the newly opened Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport. It was really huge and empty. Empty because planes were staggered throughout the terminal and this terminal serves Emirates Airlines only.

A really long long walk to the immigration counters.

After clearing the immigration counters, you'll be passing by fourteen baggage areas. It was really a long walk again ........... long way down the hall. It took me ten minutes from the airplane to the exit.

Since I was in Business class, they do provide a limousine to your transit hotel. All the limos were Volvos.

Was allocated the Al Sondos Suites by Le Meridien. This was an all suites 5 star luxury hotel and was provided the Executive Suite.

A small area for entertaining your guests with a huge 32 inch LCD TV.

They have a tiny area for kitchen too with a hood, hot steel plates and the fridge was hidden in the tall cabinet.

The king size bed was soft and comfortable ..... only for one night ......

During breakfast, when you ordered tea, it was served in this teapot with strainer. Solid tea, definitely not a lipton tea brand.

The restaurant for the breakfast was designed in olden english style and food served was emmmmm ..... great!

The scenery from my sixth floor window. I'll be walking over to the Deira City Centre mall at the right hand side of the picture. A huge shopping centre indeed, probably the size of Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur.

Lots of road construction that was on-going. The morning sun was still bearable.

My hotel taken from across the road.

As it was still early, around 10.30am, the mall was quite empty. Saw quite a number of shops offering good discounts but my hand carry bag was already full.

As I was walking in the mall, I noticed a tall building located far far away and I was sure it was the current world's tallest building - the Burj Dubai. Certainly not one of those lamp posts.
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Blogger bZbee said... elamp post i tall can they get??? hihihi

15 November, 2008 08:03  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

So nice of you to travel in business class and stay in a beautiful hotel

15 November, 2008 09:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It amazes me how tall they're building those things. And the money they spend!! But that's not the last of it right? There's still an al-burj coming up soon that's even taller? Throw some money over here!!

15 November, 2008 12:23  
Blogger acura said...

Dubai is really developing at a fast pace. Those wealthy Arabs really know how to spend their oil money. I guess the recession didn't hit that part of the world

15 November, 2008 12:56  
Blogger soulesscloudy said...

wow.. such a huge airport..

15 November, 2008 14:14  
Blogger TZ said...

Terminal 3 is nice but i was confused when i arrived @ Dubai Airport...

15 November, 2008 18:13  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

whoa! dubai doesn't look like a place with much traffic congestion

15 November, 2008 19:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

bzbee - LOL! that particular lamp post was very tall indeed

borneo - thks to the frequent travelling that i get to accummulate those points

usws - u are right. anor one coming right up the moment this burj dubai has finished construction

acura - no recession yet but if not careful, there will be a glut on offices and high end residential

wanwan - its really huge till it will take a slow walk of 30 mins from one end to the other end

tz - that's why i checked where my boarding gate first before i went elsewhere

simon - doesn't? just need to pick the peak time and it'll amaze u

16 November, 2008 18:06  

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