Thursday, December 31, 2009

Flight Back To KL

Tiring trip to Sudan. Arrived on Sunday, 27 Nov and now I'm on the way back to KL on 31 Dec. It's not like I'm going to Singapore but this is all the way to Sudan and back. Challenging indeed.

Thanks to Emirates for providing me the Gold Tier membership. This will allow me to access Business Class lounge whenever I travel with Emirates Airlines and having privilege lines for boarding or obtaining tickets. In Khartoum, access to Business Lounge not granted ..... sigh. The plane took off on time today, one of those rare occasions, at 8.10pm.

Arrived in Dubai around 12.20am and had to line up to obtain my connecting flight's ticket. Enquired from an airport staff on why I was not provided with hotel voucher. The man said you have to arrange with the Emirates office that issued the ticket ........ sigh ..... ten hours wait in the airport.

Next I went for shopping at the duty free area. Bought a few camels for decoration at the new house. Then went up to the Business Lounge at Terminal 3.

Upon reaching the lounge, I passed my ticket to a lady behind the counter. Somehow my ticket was printed with the word "Silver" denoting that I'm still a Silver Tier member and this lady told me to go to another lounge located at the faraway Terminal 1 basically reserved for Silver Tier members.

I told her to check again as I knew that I'm a Gold Tier member to which she mentioned that the ticket has informed stated clearly. She didn't even want to check but passed it on to her next colleague (a guy) who confirmed that I'm a Gold Tier member. Was it so cumbersome to check?

I thought I would be bored to death here in this lounge. To my surprise, they have xBox games - racing car in a replica car with 3 big screens, football and motorcycle race are there too. Food is plentiful.

It's close to 6am now and I'm shall to go for my nice breakfast.

Heard that my house is almost done now.
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Blogger lina said...

Welcome back! And Happy New Year!
Always great to be coming back to your own home. :)

31 December, 2009 21:44  
Blogger Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Happy New Year with a happey new home, Johnny.

01 January, 2010 17:30  
Blogger Lifebook said...

Happy New Year.. Hope everything will come in place and order soon. :)

01 January, 2010 19:56  
Anonymous Dora said...

yeah sometimes I do hate those ppl who r not helpful at all, just check the status ~ gold/silver won't take her long...

anyway, Happy New Year 2010 Johnny & to your family!

02 January, 2010 08:20  
Blogger Term Papers said...

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08 January, 2010 19:52  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lina - that welcome back msg was a good one from a malaysian

akira - everything new huh .... happy new year to u too

lifebook - still not in order haha

dora - bad mood i think. happy new yr to u and yr family

term - advertising???

12 January, 2010 09:01  

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