Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Smoke In An Aircond Environment?

Malaysia (and many other countries) had imposed strict smoking zones for smokers in public areas especially in an aircond environment.

Now, how does a smoker gets to enjoy the aircond feel and the chance of having a puff without non-smokers complaining.

Out comes a potential big bucks invention. It looks like my house's cooking hood haha. It sucks all those smoke away from what you puff out.

Ain't going to be cheap for a restaurant to install one of those just for a smoker.
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Anonymous cazzycazz said...

Hahahha, this is really creative!!

10 June, 2010 15:31  
Blogger Ted said...

Haha! I guess it shouldnt just be restricted to smokers... maybe ppl with bad breath, body odour or someone tat jus stepped on shit on the way to the restaurant can use it too.

10 June, 2010 15:52  
Anonymous Dora said...

Oh yeah this is real COOL!

17 June, 2010 12:44  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - costly i supposed

ted - bad breath and body odour - that bad to that extent they needed that thingy???

dora - hehe

09 July, 2010 08:24  

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