Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cannot Speaking Inglish in Ofis?

Our wonderful Deputy Education Minister has said this - "if you speak English at your workplace, that's weird".

Reason for saying that - it's harmful to the nation's culture and identity.

Crazy fella ............. sorry to say that lah but then I think he has not seen a lot in life.

My company for one has lots of foreigners (besides the cleaning ladies) in the office. English language is being used so that everyone understands each other. By conversing in the national language, we would have to translate each and every sentence or words every now and then in order for all to understand and respond accordingly.

Maybe need to appoint a professional translator that majors in a few language or a few translators sitting in a meeting room ............ haha. We would be holding a routine department meeting having many translators sitting together in a meeting room just like the United Nations having dozens of professional translators. Now you see what I meant.

The same thing goes for many multinational companies based in Malaysia as they would have lots of professionals coming from various nations.

At a time when we are encouraging foreign direct investments, the senior management staff of such investors would usually be based in Malaysia to oversee the business operations. Now, this fella has to open his mouth to tell us that speaking English in office is weird.

The government is also trying to bring back many professional Malaysians who had been working overseas for a number of years in order to beef up our human resource capacity. These Malaysians may not be fluent with the national language anymore. Are we telling them not to come back now?

You who speaks English in office is weird and he's perfecto for not doing so.

I guess that he's strunggling a lot with the English language itself.

Reading: Malaysian minister says English at work 'weird' - Malaysia Today
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Blogger Chemhoster said...

Ooo..isn't this double standard?

This can possibly cause some faults in the FDI. Few days ago, Exxon and coca-cola announced their invest plan here.So, hope this piece of news doesn't reach them.


19 November, 2009 23:13  
Blogger foongpc said...

I guess professional translators will be in huge demand from now on.Haha!

19 November, 2009 23:25  
Blogger bZbee said...

i have lived all my life speaking english at home, school, workplace..(eh..i skip college or Uni cos i failed my BM in spm...cannot speaking the Malayu lingo la...hahaha and failed so badly in sastera malayu as well...), i went to get a job where english is widely spoken..McD.... guess sabah, english is widely spoken...

19 November, 2009 23:46  
Blogger khengsiong said...

Well, my teacher in secondary school also said, "Chinese must speak Chinese." I used to agree with him, but now, hehe...

20 November, 2009 11:08  
Anonymous iamthewitch said...

That doesn't make sense AT ALL.

20 November, 2009 16:40  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

bzbee - soon, only bm. learn fast

khengsiong - not all teachers are correct

witch - bcuz didnt use brain

chemhoster - its being published worldwide d

foong - u changing profession d?

07 December, 2009 23:45  

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