Thursday, November 26, 2009

Weird Stuff at HUKM

Was at Hospital UKM today and noticed some weird stuff. Camera went to work immediately.

At first I thot it was an accident but upon going nearer, this fella parked this way because the car park was full.

Since the Kancil car is known for its small size, the driver took advantage of it to squeeze between the lamp post and a car in front (which drove off when I reach there).

While walking about in the hospital, I noticed this eye catching public notice ....... Sunathon???

What word was that? Can someone enlighten me? haha

You need to know the malay language also to understand the meaning of this 'new word'. Does that mean that the hospital will line up hundreds of boys to have the Sunathon all on 5 Dec 2009?
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Blogger Kelvin said...

Is it a kinda marathon?

27 November, 2009 07:44  
Blogger Ted said...

Wow tats new.

28 November, 2009 09:42  
Blogger Unknown said...


02 December, 2009 07:34  
Anonymous business card supplier said...

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03 December, 2009 19:24  
Anonymous Edwin T said...

johnny, you are right. they are going to circumcise many boys this coming Saturday. LOL

03 December, 2009 23:05  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

kelvin - not the person being circumcised, i think hehe

ted - yeah and it really got my attention

sky - how can u laugh .... those young boys will be in pain

card supplier - thank u

edwin - u are one of the doctors?

07 December, 2009 23:32  
Blogger lina said...

I'm Malay and it took me a while to correctly read what Sunat thon is. My, everything and anything can be added with a "thon" word nowaydays. Can't they come up with a better word?

19 December, 2009 17:16  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lina - lazy to think, i think

28 December, 2009 23:39  

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