Thursday, July 22, 2010

Man Utd To Be Banned in Malaysia?

At the look of it, it won't be long that Manchester United will be banned in Malaysia if the muslim cleric in the state of Johore has his ways.

An adviser to a state of Johore's religious council stated that there are certain football jerseys that muslims shouldn't wear. Reason given (as extracted from Star) - it is as if Muslims are worshipping and exalting the symbols of other religions. Islam does not compromise on this matter, regardless of whether it is worn for fun, fashion or sport especially when it displays images of crosses, liquor brands and devils.

Try googling for this sentence "Muslims warned against wearing 'devilish' Man Utd jersey" and you'll get about 7,990 results. This piece of news travelled round the world after it was published in Malaysia.

I know that Liverpool couldn't come into Malaysia due to their main sponsorship with Carlsberg. With that sponsorship being changed to Standard Chartered Bank now, Liverpool fans in Malaysia can look forward to seeing them playing in Malaysia during the summer break.

My hope is to see Man Utd vs Liverpool in Malaysia. I believe that the police will have to segregate the opposing fans for real this time.

Man Utd coming to Malaysia again? Bad news now ..... sigh

Nothing against that comment made by the religious council adviser. Even in the christianity circle, I have heard of some people questioning our filial peity towards God when we wear the Pagoda brand singlet. The Pagoda symbol is somehow linked to Buddhism.

I had been 'ridiculed' before by friendly christian friends when their english football team that they support lost to Man Utd. They will quote "they are the red devils and you support them?".

People will have their own thinking and mindset. You can't change it.

Importantly, you know it yourself. I have been supporting Man Utd since 1981 and it's the team that I support, not the devils ....... hehe.

By the way, maybe someone from that religious council can write to Turkish Airlines, MTN (Kuwaiti owners), STC (Saudi Telecom) and Tri Indonesia to withdraw their sponsorships as they are the official sponsors for Man Utd.

At one time, even Malaysia's AirAsia and Ministry of Tourism were one of the many sponsors for Man Utd. As I have heard, Man Utd is quite selective on their sponsors and there's a queue actually just to have your brand name being displayed.

It seems that the football teams of Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, Barcelona and Norway may not be encouraged to be supported as the crests on the football jerseys carry images of the cross.

And should muslims or christian employees resign from their companies where bosses or main shareholders profess religions not of their own? The answer simple is very simple actually. Only human beings make it difficult.
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KH Lim: Bravo ... your article was highlighted on The Rock News

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