Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tycoons Serving As 'Air Stewardess'

At the rate of what's going on in Formula 1, I don't think we'll be able to see either Datuk Tony Fernandes or Sir Richard Branson serving as a "stewardess" in an airplane.

At the start of the Formula 1, two tycoons each being the owner of a low cost carrier and also a Formula 1 team respectively, had a friendly bet that whichever racing team is placed below another, the losing team's chief shall serve as a "stewardess" in the winner's airplane.

Datuk Tony Fernandes is the CEO of AirAsia (having won the world's best low cost airline, one up on Richard Branson already) and the principal of the Lotus-Cosworth Formula 1 racing team.

Sir Richard Branson owns both the Virgin Atlantic Airways and the Virgin-Cosworth Formula 1 racing team.

Both of them has a blog on their own too written under the blog names of Tony Fernandes CEO Blog and Richard's Blog respectively.

This picture was extracted from Sun newspaper where it shows Richard Branson's face in a 'stewardess' body serving in an AirAsia's airplane.

Still searching for a picture showing Tony Fernandes in Virgin Atlantic Airways's costume hehe.

At this point of time, both Lotus-Cosworth and Virgin-Cosworth haven't obtained a single point in this year's Formula 1. Will both end up not securing a single point at the end of the season?

But I don't think the words "Coffee, Tea Or Me?" works for them .....

One thing that baffles me a lot is why Lotus-Cosworth racing team didn't obtain their engines from Lotus itself.

I understand about Virgin going for Cosworth's engines as they don't come from the motor industry. But Lotus????????? A car manufacturer that can't even supply its engines for a Formula 1 racing team that is racing under Lotus's name?????? That's really funny.

Being as rich as them, it's fun at times when they get to invest their hard earned monies in areas of their interests/hobbies.

Just like the rich and famous who are buying up the English Premier League teams in England. The Sheikh owner of Manchester City is just throwing his tons of monies into the game as if he was playing the Fantasy Football Manager game.
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Anonymous Dora said...

Yeah this is a very interesting bet between the two rich & famous. I guess the flight will be full instantly if Richard Brandson is serving in AirAsia on that particular day!

05 August, 2010 23:02  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

it's confirmed now that sir richard will be a flight attendant on an airasia flight from london to kl in feb 2011

20 December, 2010 02:25  

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