Friday, August 13, 2010

Koreans Invaded Kuala Lumpur

Forgotten about these photos all this while. Was busy during the World Cup period with office works and the need to follow up with the daily matches.

During the World Cup, I had five South Korean friends in town and knowing that they are fanatic about their national football team, the thought of bringing them to watch a World Cup match that involves their national team came up.

Need to find a place with a giant screen and with lots of football kakis around. That will make the atmosphere superb. After googling around, I confirmed the place.

Off we went to Little Korea. What Little Korea? You didn't know? It exist right in KL.

Drove them from Corus Hotel to Ampang Avenue area, where Hotel De Palma and Ampang Point are on your left and this place is on your left.

First time coming to this part of KL and was pleasantly surprised to see soooooo many Korean restaurants and mini markets catering to the likes of the South Koreans' taste. Apparently, the condos in this area are filled with lots and lots of South Koreans.

We were slightly few minutes late for the South Korea vs. Uruguay match and a giant screen was set up at the car park area.

You don't need to go to South Korea to drool over their beautiful ladies and macho guys, they are all right here in KL. But my eyes were glued to the big screen .... ahem. We stood for the first half of the match and it was quite humid on that night.

You could find a person shouting into a microphone singing those South Korean songs that you would have heard them singing when South Korea hosted the 2002 World Cup. The cheers were loud and the South Koreans actually cheered and shouted the name of the particular player when that player lost the ball or concentration. It was so emotional.

It's like a stadium atmosphere with the people singing the South Korean songs.

There's the lady moving around with a drum trying her very best to drum up the support for their national football team who was thousand of kilometres away.

They will never jeer their players but cheered so loudly for them at all times whether they were attacking, defending or playing badly for a moment.

The crowd got up to their feet to cheer when a South Korean player almost scored.

As the heat was quite unbearable, my South Korean friends suggested to go into one of those nearby restaurants for a meal and watch the second half there.

Can't remember the name of this shop but ensured that I have a good view of the TV first. Yeah, the ceiling has those funny looking exhaust pipings hanging down to cater for those Korean steamboat meals.

The owner, who is a South Korean, came over to our table to serve us and asked for orders. He spoke to me with enthusiasm (in Korean language of course). I looked at him blur blur.

Then my South Korean guest spoke to him (I could guess what was being communicated and laughed about).

The restaurant owner then spoke to me in English. He said this "I thought you were a Korean and your five friends were local Chinese". My South Korean friends laughed and I told them "You see, I told you so. It's even happening in KL".

Wait till I post my photos of my trip to Seoul recently and will tell you those funny travel stories.

Yummy, Korean food. I eat whatever is placed right in front of me (edible stuff lah). This stuff was only for two fellas. Well, forty minutes to finish it off.

My friends didn't have a happy ending as South Korea lost the match to Uruguay eventually.

As we were leaving, I saw a friend trying to pay for the meals. I grabbed her credit card and gave mine instead.

What a commotion at the cashier. Two Korean guys grabbed my hands and shoulders and pulled me out, one lady took back my credit card and the other lady paid for it. Then the lady friend (who paid for it) said this "You are our guest!".

Me? A guest to the South Koreans in a Korean restaurant in the land of Malaysia? Where did it go wrong?
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Blogger Ted said...

Lol! Ganas-nya they all grabbed you. Maybe it will be a different scenario if you bring them to a mamak stall.They take a lot of pride in their food.

13 August, 2010 15:39  

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