Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What Caused Educators To Be Racist?

Controversial racist remarks have been uttered by senior educators in Kulaijaya, Johore and Sungai Petani, Kedah in front of school kids. This has brought their teaching profession to question. What have these educators been learning all this while throughout their lifes? The prominent question now is what have they been teaching all this while? Rukunegara is not taught in school nowadays?

Police have taken action by proceeding with the investigation. Then the respective state education department will conduct their own interview. This is followed by the Ministry of Education.

Yes, racist remarks have been uttered but conducting twelve more investigations will not lead to any improvement. One has to go to the root of the problem to stop this rot.

Just look at the newspapers lately. Front page news will surely have articles on racial issues. Some people just want to play up all these racials issues to stir some hatred between races in Malaysia. What one has to gain when the whole nation is in chaos?

Malaysia will be celebrating their 53rd Independence Day and sadly, even educators aren't convinced about having a peaceful nation with those hatred feelings dwelling deep in their hearts.

What had caused them to have those sentiments? What had happened to them to have such a feeling towards the non-malays?

Day in day out, certain groups in Malaysia will keep harping on the issue of non-malays taking away the malay's rights, privileges, rice bowl and political control from them. I'm not surprised if you kept hearing and reading it daily, your mind will make you to believe the crap to be the whole truth. Once in a while certain people and politicians (from ruling party) will remind ("warn" is the actual meaning that they wanted us to hear) the non-malays of the May 13 tragedy.

I'm really proud of what Nurul Izzah Anwar has written in her article entitled "A new script for Malaysia".

When the people in our nation can't even identify with one another, how do you expect Malaysians to identify ourselves as Asean people. Our prime minister has called for state-level programmes to enhance the awareness and knowledge about Asean.

My opinion, it's a waste of time and funds (wonder how much will be allocated for such nationwide programmes) when you can't even handle the racial issues at your own backyard. I call it hypocrisy then.

All the hyped up 1Malaysia motto is also a camouflage thingy. They (government) share with you on the TV, songs have been written and sung on TV and patriotic advertisements are being shown that relates to 1Malaysia.

But when it comes to the real thing - all things changed.

A locally produced chinese movie, entitled Ice Kacang Puppy Love can't even qualify for a entertainment tax rebate because it has been classified as a foreign movie as reported in the Star newspaper.

Now, how was a local movie categorised as a foreign movie then you may ask. Just one simple line - this chinese movie's script do not have a minimum of 60% in Bahasa Malaysia. Now, you tell me who gave this stupid ruling.

If a movie is 60% in Bahasa Malaysia / 40% in chinese language, I would call it a rojak movie. It won't be called a chinese movie at all. A movie which was produced locally, shot in Malaysia, directed by a Malaysian, with Malaysian actors/actresses, in a language understood by local Malaysian chinese - it's considered a foreign movie.

The involvement of Tan Kheng Seong, Lee Sinje, Victor Wang, Gary Chaw and Fish Leong in this local movie showed the love in them for Malaysia. But the government said it's not enough. I think all these famous stars would rather concentrate on their careers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and put their investments there too. Was this a good encouragement for future investments? What more for foreigners who wanted to invest in Malaysia? No wonder the FDI for Malaysia is at an all time low lately.


Even speakers at a symposium on the 10th Malaysia Plan questioned the government's ability to deliver what they have planned for in terms of socio-economic development.

We will not see any lesser of such racial issues in our lifes in Malaysia as long as greedy and power abusive politicians wanted to hang on to their respective positions. We will see more of it whenever a by-election happens and the mother of all will erupt when the next general election is called.

But where do we, as Malaysians generally, stand?
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