Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Broga Hill Climb I

Broga Hill, here I come to conquer. Went with my youth group (I think it was 24 of us). This hill is located somewhere in Semenyih. Don't ask me where but we drove on the Cheras - Kajang highway and reached this destination.

We reached the foothill by 5.15am and I thought we were early. There were a number of motor vehicles before our three vans. The place is total darkness if you off your torchlight. We started our ascend immediately to catch the sunrise. The bad thing was a drizzle happened earlier and the climb was made harder with all the slippery ground.

My friend said those were the panther's eyes ..... phew, I thought it was a tiger.

The early morning scene where many people are still dreaming at their best.

That's it, I'm almost up there until one of the youth told me that's only Level 1.

How many levels are there? Four!

Almost fainted. Moral of the story - ask for details before you join the climb next time.

As I was accompanying two other youth who were not fit way behind, I could see light by the time I arrived at Level 1.

The scenery at Level 1.

We continued our climb up to Level 2.

At Level 3, you are supposed to climb this rock up to Level 4. There was a rope for you to pull yourself up.

Hmmmmmmm pulling my whole body up? Hopefully I don't fall back.

This is Level 4, the peak of Broga Hill or Bukit Broga. There was so little space and people are everywhere. No space to walk.

At this point of time, one of the youth asked me this question - "Uncle, are you involved in sports?"

I answered "Yeah, why?"

Youth continued "No wonder and I can see that you are quite fit in reaching the peak. Those in the middle age and above may find it hard to climb at all"

So, was that a compliment?
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Blogger Twilight Man said...

Hello Uncle Johnny ~ it was definitely a compliment.

15 September, 2010 20:13  
Blogger lina said...

At least its not a backhanded compliment to you.

15 September, 2010 20:33  
Blogger acura said...

Congrats on being able to conquer Broga Hill. That hill seems to be a hot spot nowadays, I've seen many of my friends climbing it too. How long did it took you to reach the summit anyway?

15 September, 2010 20:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

twilight - thank u uncle for the confirmation

lina - hahaha

acura - its a hotspot and wanted to see it for myself too. its hard to compare the time i took as i accompanied 2 other youth who were struggling way behind

17 September, 2010 09:31  
Blogger MiChi said...

Getting too many people go up to the hill and it's not nice to climb anymore... got to find another mountain to climb le.

20 September, 2010 11:54  
Blogger bZbee said...

unc, your arm quite strong to pull yerself up ya....hehehe..dont want the kids to come back to pick you up...:p

23 September, 2010 07:51  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

michi - it was really packed and a friend said this is not considered a lot

bzbee - good thing i didnt fall back haha, otherwise it'll be on facebook immediately

24 September, 2010 10:51  

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