Thursday, September 30, 2010

Office To Monitor Toilet Usage

I have heard of offices monitoring internet usage or the websites that you frequent, the number of coffee or cigarette breaks that you are taking, time spent on reading newspapers in a corner or even the time taken for your lunch hour.

What if your office starts to monitor your toilet usage?

Monitoring is one aspect but if the office was to impose a maximum number of minutes that you are allowed to be in the toilet, what would your reaction be?

It seems that two companies in China are reported to be doing just that. They imposed a maximum 400 minutes of toilet usage per employee per month.

Say, you work 22 days a month and that would be 18 minutes are allowed for each day of work. Would that be sufficient? Pray that you don't get stomach upset during office hours otherwise you could run out of time allocated for that month.

I don't think it's sufficient for me as at times I may take up to 15 minutes for emergency stomach ache. That leaves me 5 minutes for the rest of the day haha.

And if you exceed the allocated 400 minutes per month, you'll be fined as follows:-
1) Between 400 and 449 minutes - formally warned & penalised 1 yuan per minute.
2) Between 450 and 499 minutes - formally warned & penalised 1 yuan per minute and fined 50 yuan.
3) Above 500 minutes - given one major demerit, fined 100 yuan and warned.

I guess most of the ladies may exceed the allocated 400 minutes. Am I correct to say that?

Now, how do they monitor it? They have installed video cameras along the walkway to the toilets and there will be a human behind those monitor screens recording each and everyone's timing for the whole month.

To ensure that the minutes are accounted for, each worker was given a 3G mobile phone to track their whereabouts too. Waaaah, this is too much. No doubt you get a free mobile but I guess your calls are monitored as well. Cheap mobiles in China I supposed.

Do you think it's a good measure to implement this method of ensuring top production by employees?

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Toilet Usage, 3G Mobile Phone



Blogger Ted said...

That sounds too draconian. Its always a matter of debate but some people may be more productive under these kind of laws while most people won't.

01 October, 2010 09:35  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ted - those who works accordingly won't be offended but at times, things will be beyond your control. it's such time that you'll be offended when you can't help it

11 November, 2010 23:20  

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