Friday, October 01, 2010

Free Gifts At Petrol Stations

I guess the blogpost title would have gotten your attention to click and read this blogpost.

Yes, there are free gifts indeed but it doesn't come that free after all. You should know by now that nothing comes free nowadays.

A local petroleum company has issued a circular to all of its petrol station operators / dealers in Malaysia warning all petrol station operators to be aware of such syndicates that are offering free gifts to motor vehicle owners while they are busy filling up their motor vehicles at the petrol pump areas.

The syndicates will have their ways / methods and the followings have been identified after some investigations:-

1. Free gifts such as key chains, small sized dolls, flipflops, etc. will be offered to motor vehicle owners.

2. It was found that such gifts are fitted with a tiny tracking / monitoring device that will emit a signal to the syndicates of your whereabouts just like what we have always seen in the movies. The syndicates will be able to track your house and office easily and monitor your movements before they act devilish i.e. to rob your house (if not what else).

3. Syndicates will move in to offer such free gifts by choosing their targets randomly.

The circular didn't mention the particular time of "attack by syndicates" but I suspect that in order to escape the eyes of the petrol station operators, they may move in during peak period when the petrol station is full of customers / motor vehicles. But who knows, maybe it's also a good time when the petrol station is empty especially from midnight to 6.00 am.

The petrol station operators of this particular petroleum company have been adviced to monitor such activities and to report such activities to the relevant authorities upon confirmed sighting.

Therefore, all Malaysians - please take heed of the warning! This is not a hoax and I wonder why (to my current knowledge) this was not highlighted to the general public by the mainstream media.

Whatever warnings are given, there are still some gullible fellas out there that will fall for these syndicates. Beware!
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Blogger Ted said...

I've pumped petrol for donkey years and no one has offered me anything!

01 October, 2010 15:41  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ted - do i pity you or what?

11 November, 2010 23:18  

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