Friday, October 15, 2010

Hotel Guests Thrown Out

Nowadays, people are recording their experiences or events on the spot at well known websites such as facebook, blogs, related websites or even twit about it.

There was this couple who was travelling in Blackpool, England and they checked into Golden Beach Hotel located at New South Promenade. This couple wasn't happy with the hotel's service and wrote some negative review in TripAdvisor. This is a website where you get to read lots of personal reviews on worldwide hotels by hotel guests from all walks of life.

When you key in "The Golden Beach Hotel" in TripAdvisor's United Kingdom's category, you can read the reviews on this particular hotel. Out of 166 reviews, 60% of the hotel guests who had been there do not recommend this hotel. Wow, that's a really bad review. Not surprising for this couple to have done the same.

Lo and behold, the hotel manager somehow got to know about that negative remarks and decided to kick the couple out of the hotel immediately.

This couple had just stayed for one in their 3 days / 2 nights package and was not offered any refund then. The hotel manager called the police and requested the couple to move out accordingly.

Does a hotel has the right to kick their hotel guests out on the spot? If you had been creating disturbances that have affected other hotel guests and kept doing it even after warnings then I would understand the kicking out process. But kicked out due to some online remarks?

Moral of the story - don't post your review when you are still using their facilities. Take the necessary pictures, jot down the bad event(s) and then post it after your holidays or events.

Reading: Man thrown out of hotel for writing review - The Gazette
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Blogger Twilight Man said...

Of course the hotel had no right to kick them out. They were just unlucky for crowing on the tree while the hunter was below with a rifle!

18 October, 2010 23:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

twilight - they shit at the wrong place? hehe

11 November, 2010 23:10  

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