Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Lesser Payouts For Your Big Small Lotteries

Looks like the economy is hitting Malaysia deep in the pocket, not only of the general public but corporate giants as well.

Cash loaded companies that are into the lottery business are reducing the payouts for the winners' purse effective 15 December 2010. No Christmas bonuses for you.

Not one company but three had obtained approval from the Ministry of Finance. It looks like your RM1 is worthed lesser now.

The Sports Toto-4 Digit Big Game, Sarawak Turf and Equestrian Club-1+3 Digit Big Game and Magnum-4 Digit Big Game are the usual big timers in the local scene's lottery game. Will this affect the players' decision in reducing their betting stakes or stopping eventually? Don't think so.

People who have been buying will continue to harbour the hope of becoming richer or even becoming a multi-millionaire. I know of a person who will somehow hit top prizes a few times in a year and I have heard of people who have not hit any single prizes at all.

There was this funny part where a friend was reading the back pages of the newspaper, apparently looking at the lotteries' results. Out of a sudden, he gave a loud shrieked and shouted "Aiyoh, my car registration number came out as the top prize". I took a look at the newspaper and indeed it was.

So, I asked him "Which number did you buy this time or you reversed your registration number instead?"
His response "That's the thing, I didn't buy this time!"

Some people are like that. What are you complaining about when you didn't do it? I thought he bought other numbers at higher stakes and eventually not a single dollar was placed. Talk about complaining.

Wasting my time talking to him about it ........ kept on mumbling on the wasted chance lah, this lah, that lah, if lah, should have lah. Anyway, wasted actually otherwise the meal that we were having would have been on him.

Hello friend, thinking about it, you should have bought it lah! If you have bought it I would have gotten a free meal.

Reading: BToto, BAssets, Magnum get MoF nod to reduce prize pay-outs - The Edge
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Blogger lina said...

I wish I can strike one time. But then, I don't buy them so what the use of wishing! XD

07 December, 2010 20:44  
Anonymous cazzycazz said...

haha i don't even know how to buy numbers @_@ Regardless how many times my friends try to teach me, it just won't register!

I guess the simplest way is to buy big sweep, RM3, once a month, if strike, the BINGO! If no, then it's merely the price of a cup of coffee only. How izzit? LOL

08 December, 2010 11:33  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lina - that's precisely my point also haha

cazzy - this blogpost is not for you then

20 December, 2010 03:24  

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