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Malaysian Brains in Melbourne

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Happened in Melbourne, Australia.

10 Nov 2010
1. Arrived early at hospital, so decided to walk down the street to check out an expensive shop by famous Melbourne-based designer. Was pleasantly (but sadly) surprised to learn the ‘local designer’ was a Malaysian whose entire family migrated from Malaysia!

2. Went back to hospital. Was registered by a loud receptionist who was Malaysian whose family migrated from Malaysia!

3. 20-30 minutes wait later, was seen by a specialist (endocrinologist) who studied at Melbourne Uni and then migrated to Melbourne… from Kuala Lumpur! (Oh btw, since this was public hospital, this Malaysian endocrinologist was also teaching/supervising an Australian medical student while she was consulting me).

4. Referred for thyroid biopsy. They booked me in for Monday (only five days later).

15 Nov 2010
Thyroid biopsy wasn’t nice, but the surgeon was very friendly and made me feel assured. I recognised the accent again, so as I did for others above, I asked… The surgeon was from Johor Bahru!!! From my observation of conversations, this ex-Malaysian was obviously senior and well-respected, and was using my procedure to teach an Aussie medical student!

Public hospitals will never be of 5-star luxury, but my 100%-free-of-charge experience thus far has been more than acceptable. But I am very disturbed (!!!) by the series of expert EX-MALAYSIANS treating me in Melbourne! Receptionist, Doctor Surgeon, all Malaysians! What the…!

I’ve heard and ranted about brain drain, but to experience it so real and personally was disturbing…
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Blogger Netster23 said...

Seriously I would be very proud.


05 December, 2010 17:27  
Blogger fruzabdullah said...

malaysian expert in Sudan?.......

06 December, 2010 12:30  
Blogger savante said...

Quite normal actually. Have a few friends who have gone there too!

06 December, 2010 15:04  
Blogger Ted said...

Yes, very common trend migrating to Australia. It will probably not stop soon with current conditions in our country.

06 December, 2010 17:42  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

netster - yeah, that m'sians do stand out no matter where they are

fruz - plenty but on short term basis

savante - i know it's normal but what caused it till it became a norm

ted - lots of hypocrites. try to find out where their children are after finishing their studies

20 December, 2010 03:35  

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