Friday, February 11, 2011

Four Hours Away From South Sudan

Life at site is not as rosy but we make things lively. For instance, we do try to keep fit here. But I admire my fellow colleagues creativity. We can't afford to import a proper gym set but we can still create one.

This body builder toy is made of solid concrete. Really terror! 
This is your pumping bench made of simple steel and a wooden plank.

Even the small dumbbell is made of solid concrete. More effective body exercise.
The long cabin container.

The dining area.

Other blocks of cabin containers.


My shared room with just two beds, a table and a aircond plus a toilet.

Cows rampaging up to the road at a very slow pace.
The cows couldn't be bothered by our car. We just moved slowly and you better don't injure any of it.
Some of the cows that had passed through earlier.



Blogger Ted said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai Johnny! How heavy are those concrete barbells? Terror la.

11 February, 2011 12:12  
Anonymous cazzycazz said...

What an experience!! I suppose you are now back to your home sweet home now? Happy Chinese New Year to you!

12 February, 2011 17:41  
Blogger I AM A BLOGGER said...

@@it actually got the feel of a prison~

you are thre to do work?

20 February, 2011 17:51  
Anonymous Dora said...

I'm sure you can enter the Mr. World competition if you work longer there provided if you train yourself with the concrete-body-building set! hahaha :-) You back home already?

23 February, 2011 12:03  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ted - those barbells are to build 'solid' muscles

cazzy - responding quite late here haha

xijon - def not for holidays haha. it's working prison life here. only entertainment is internet and that so-called gym area

dora - sure can one. i also know that hahaha

24 February, 2011 03:47  

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