Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dog Abuser in OUG?

Within 24 hours a dog abuser's identity is getting closer to being exposed in Malaysia.

I thought the internet human search happens only in China where their netizens will post relevant issues or events to identify a certain person who has ran foul of the law and trying to hide. Within 24 hours, all major China forums will be posted at all China provinces. The power of internet.

This time, I'm seeing it for the first time that it's being done here in Malaysia and it's picking up pace each hour.

Apparently a video was showing a man that was trying to get this dog, named as Sushi, to stand on two legs. He whacked the dog like nobody's business and really tortured the dog. Somehow he doesn't seem to know that dogs are supposed to stand on four legs, not two. Lacked of education or maybe no a brainer.

This internet human search was really superb. As the man in the video was speaking in cantonese, this internet human search went round Malaysia, Singapore and even Hong Kong.

This video was uploaded by someone who found a USB pendrive that was dropped by someone in the KLCC shopping centre. This video was the only file in the pendrive.

You'll be wondering who was holding the video camera to shoot such an awful event. Rumoured to be the fella's girlfriend by the name of Doreen Loo.

The internet human search is on for this man now. It was rumoured that he could be staying in Green Park Condo located in Taman Yarl.

Have you people in Green Park Condo seen him before? His name could be Allan Tan and driving a Proton Wira (Reg. No. NBC 8313). Does he or the car really exist?
SPCA Singapore has posted that fella's picture in their facebook too which has drawn criticism from many facebook members.

Asiaone, an online newspaper in Singapore, has published an article on this dog abuse on 24 January 2011 - Man treats dog as punching bag.

I really wonder if he would do the same act to a Rottweiler or a Doberman.



Blogger Accyee said...


26 January, 2011 13:09  
Blogger CazzyCazz a.k.a Micz said...

The video has been removed!!! And i didn't get to see??????!!!! What a sick in the head fella!!!

28 January, 2011 01:36  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

accyee - yeah, many ppl are quite sad with it

cazzy - in a way u didn't miss anything esp when it's a sick video

24 February, 2011 03:48  
Blogger Unknown said...

this time, i admit i'm a coward. I don't have the guts to watch the movie nor trying to find if there's another avai on the net. It's sad :(. What happens to the dog? pity him :(

30 March, 2011 00:25  

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