Monday, April 04, 2011

Being Labelled As An Extremist Christian

Looks like what was stated in the Christian Federation of Malaysia's ("CFM") media statement as per my previous blogpost has been deemed extreme and hence, the CFM has also been labelled as extremists in requesting for its Constitutional rights to be recognised.

Who said that?

The Islamic Defenders Organisation (Pembela), an umbrella body representing nineteen Muslim non-governmental organisations has, on 28 March 2011, came up to say that these Christians should apologise and should use a proper channel to voice out. They suggested that the Committee for the Promotion of Religious Understanding and Harmony Among Adherents is the right place to settle this issue peacefully.

In the first place, the Christians had only issue a memorandum and didn't even stage a demonstration.

Secondly, the Christians are reminding the government of the Constitutional rights.

I think this Pembela has forgotten two things.
One - that the government has encouraged all students to study/learn in the Malay language during school age. No more English language except for one.

Two - that lots of people in Sabah and Sarawak speak/read in the Malay language only apart from their tribal language.

I believed that the Allah issue would be the main thing that caused thousands of Malay language bibles to be detained by the government.

Then the Valentine's Day issue was also thrown at the Christians.

Lately, even a dance movement by the name of Poco Poco has been linked to Christianity especially on its movements which signifies a cross. I almost fainted when I heard that.

These are all divide and rule signs and these are the things that will hold Malaysia back for years to come. Surprisingly, all these protestors are not concerned with the drastic drop in the Foreign Direct Investment or the terrible corruption that has plagued so many government agencies. But we are more concerned with which language the Christians would use or how certain events are linked to Christianity.

Even a Christian prayer rally that was held in Kuching on 23 March 2011, atteended by 3,000 people, was construed as going against the government. It was condemned by the Deputy Federal Minister, Joseph Salang Gandum telling the Christians not to make a fool of themselves.

Out of a sudden, Idris Jala in representing the government and in full view of the upcoming state election in Sarawak, the government has decided that everyone can import bibles of any language into Malaysia. Do I hear any protest from the Pembela now?

Suddenly you see the mainstream media potraying the government as the saviour in this issue.

You call this nation building or whatever you name it, 1Malaysia?

The Interlok book that will be used as a reference book in the secondary school is also another issue. Since there are so many people that are unhappy with it, why can't the government just remove it from being one of the recommended books. Such a simple step but the government insist that it has to be the book. Why? Again it talks about the minorities in Malaysia.

This is a pure divide and rule policy that will help those in power to rule the subjects by creating disharmony amongst Malaysians. Yet many Malaysians would fall for it.

And in many cases, new things will crop up to create a big news in order to cover other news that were hogging too much of a limelight.

This blogpost is not to stir any hatred or any discomfort among Malaysians but if any of the above issues have created tensions, blame it on the current government. Malaysia will not flourish as long as all the races are divided.

Anyhow, CFM has welcomed the government's green light as a positive move.

But then all this negative news have 'flown' all over the world and they are already laughing at us.
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Blogger Twilight Man said...

I realised that sometimes it's just 1-2 culprits who stirred all the shit till it surfaced and spilled onto others.

04 April, 2011 14:15  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

Twilight - this time it's a whole bunch of them and time to vote them out

09 April, 2011 03:01  

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