Thursday, April 07, 2011

Defend My Right? But That's Not The Right I Want

The Malaysian Chinese Association's ("MCA") president is so thoughtful that he has gone over to Kelantan, who's on the verge of banning gambling in the form of lottery tickets, to negotiate on behalf of the non-muslims telling them that this has infringed the non-muslims' rights.

It was mentioned that he will defend the rights of the non-muslims. It's a big statement indeed. But is that the right that is applicable to all non-muslims. Is MCA wasting their time and other people's time. Many non-muslims would have preferred MCA to do something more useful and beneficial for Malaysia as a whole, not just for the non-muslims.

One questions, was it stated in the constitution that non-muslims must have those lottery rights?

If not, what right has PAS infringed?

Wait wait ..... it was mentioned that Big Sweep lottery was affected. Who owns Big Sweep and for that matter, who owns the other lottery tickets scheme in Malaysia?

And if PAS is stubborn and proceeds with their moves, MCA is sure that a legal suit will be brought against PAS. One of the reasons given is that Federal law permits the lottery schemes so it must prevail, not the state law.

Did you defend the rights of the non-muslims when the Christians had their bibles compounded and subsequently conditions were imposed for Bahasa Malaysia bibles in Peninsular Malaysia? If the government tells you not to interfere or said nothing, will you challenge the government in court?

Be consistent in your defending of non-muslims' rights. If you want to defend, please defend in all situations and not on selective basis. Please don't tell us that you have insufficient hands or your hands are tied due to specific laws. And why only non-muslims' rights?

Out of nowhere, MCA publicity bureau got involved by saying that PAS has the final say in the Pakatan Rakyat. Just weeks ago, DAP was mentioned to be taking that role. Maybe weeks later, it would be PKR's turn to take that final say role.
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