Saturday, June 25, 2011

Did IWK Come?

Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd, at a press conference, stated that they will conduct desludging at housing estates at least once every two years. That means to say some area could see them coming to their housing estates more than once every two years.

Somehow, two years have passed at my housing estate and I didn't see them appearing at my septic tank area.

Was it just a NATO effect? Or was it that the reporters have reportedly wrongly?

Do they attend to your housing estate's desludging once every two years?

Reading: IWK Desludges Household Septic Tanks Once Every Two Years - Bernama
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Blogger ala said...

IWK provided scheduled desludging once very two years before January 2008, which was before the Water Services Industry Act came to effect.

After January 2008, owners or occupants of premises are responsible for the maintenance of the septic tanks and to ensure the septic tank does not pollute the environment. Hence, owners/occupants can either engage a private contractor with the permit to provide the delsudging service or IWK.

If you need our desludging service, you can either call IWK at1800883495, SMS36399 (Type IWKKTS) or email to us at

We thank you & look forward to serve you better.

Regret for any inconvenience caused.


28 June, 2011 21:34  
Anonymous iwk user said...

Johny, have you pay the bill yet? If yes, then, you already decided to use the service of IWK not the private contractor. I think it is not fair that IWK leave it to you whether to use IWK or private contractor to desludge like Ala said?

08 December, 2011 12:32  

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