Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My Most Expensive Dumpling aka Bak Chang

Thanks to a couple friend of mine, they treated us to two gigantic dumpling aka bak chang.

The size is really humongous if you compare it with the size of the fork and spoon at the bottom of the picture.

Guess the price ........... it's RM200 each.
Yeah, we were treated to a RM400 supper plus grapes from Down Under (by another couple) if not mistaken.

It's really nice and the dumpling rice itself is not too oily and not too soft or sticky. Perfecto!

This is the most expensive bak chang I have ever tried. Will we get to eat it again next year? (hoping for that couple to read this blogpost)
You may ask "What is inside it that made it so bloody expensive?"

I was late for this supper and they opened up the second bak chang when I arrived. They looked highly upon me to finish it when five adults and two kids finished the first bak chang.

If you look at this picture, my friend dug up two pieces of abalone (just on the right side of the big spoon).

Other ingredients include scallop, shark's fin, higher grade mushroom, meat and ingredients normally found in smaller bak chang. Can't recall all of it.

This is a home made bak chang and made to order. My friend's company actually ordered 350 bak chang from this lady for her company's function. Really don't know what kind of function was that.
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Blogger Unknown said...

When I first saw the size of the chang...I went wahh....Then I saw price.....waaahhhhHH...then I read what's inside...WAAAHHHHHH....

08 June, 2011 10:20  
Blogger Twilight Man said...

Wow! You really feasted the Bak Chang made for the Emperor of China! The ingredients are so costly, no wonder it was so expensive!

08 June, 2011 10:31  
Blogger Ted said...

Wah! Really good stuff!

10 June, 2011 13:33  

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