Sunday, February 15, 2009

Teachers Caned For Poor Exam Results

My thoughts have been that the Malaysian schooling system was quite exam oriented and schools / parents would ensure that their kids obtain good results that would bring honour to the school's name and parents would be proud of their children.

Schools that produces good results will bring honour to the staff (teachers) that sacrifices their time to bring the best out of the kids. But what if the students didn't do well. What if the results were worst than last year's examination.

Teachers, you can consider yourself lucky for being born and able to teach in Malaysia itself.

If your cschool's students didn't perform well or having all the students to pass their exams, you will be in great problem if you were in Tanzania, a nation in the African continent.

Nineteen teachers from three schools in the northern region of Kagera, Tanzania have been hauled up to explain on why their schools' examination results were poor.

Some of these nineteen teachers were late for classes or didn't show up for work during the past year that could be counted and the "little napoleon" found in District Commissioner, Albert Mnali, decided to take things into his own hands. He decided that such teachers should be caned for it was their lateness or absence that had caused students to have learnt lesser and as a result of that, the bad examination results.

Albert Mnali brought policemen to the schools to hunt for those teachers. A female teacher will only get caning on her palm. But I pity the male teachers for they have lie down on the floor to be caned on their backside.

The Tanzania Teachers' Union will be taking legal action against Albert Mnali for such uncalled for actions.

Reading: Shock as Tanzania teachers caned - BBC News/Africa
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

I like the Tanzania's system better. The teacher's standard in our country is declining now

16 February, 2009 08:55  
Blogger bZbee said...

our from 5 maths teacher was asked to leave our school cos we were not interested in maths....whose fault was that?? i was BM illiterate...hahahahahha...

16 February, 2009 10:55  
Blogger acura said...

What about teachers who always get pregnant & goes on maternity leave leaving their students clueless. They should be caned too

16 February, 2009 15:08  
Blogger foongpc said...

How can the teachers be held responsible for the students' results? That's too much!! And get caned of all things! I won't want to be a teacher there : )

16 February, 2009 15:57  
Blogger 고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

aiyohhh!!!! canning is a bit too drastic la....

16 February, 2009 16:38  
Blogger Irtiyah said...

that is crazy!

and what happen in Malaysia education is crazy too.

every students have multiple intelligences.

Not all the students can learn math, science and so on.

What we can do if the student always disturbing the class at the same time other students need to learn?

So many people don't have good academic result but still can be a successful person.

Owh! I forgot something. No need explain all these unless U be a teacher first. No need to take for a long time. Just be a teacher for a week maybe? but it's still not fair. Make sure they take examination on what u teach first.

“Ini terbukti dengan statistik setiap tahun yang mana pada tahun lalu saja 125 guru menghidap pelbagai penyakit serius antaranya penyakit jantung, tekanan darah tinggi serta kanser dengan nilai tuntutan insurans RM5.2 juta dan ada antaranya disebabkan tekanan.
“Sehingga Jun tahun ini saja, 38 kes guru menghidap penyakit serius akibat tekanan direkodkan membabitkan nilai tuntutan insurans RM2.1 juta. Statistik ini amat membimbangkan. Berbanding pada 2006, 106 kes guru menghidap penyakit dengan tuntutan insurans RM4.7 juta.
“Guru bukannya meminta simpati tetapi mahu semua pihak memahami tanggungjawab guru kini semakin mencabar,” katanya.


16 February, 2009 16:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this happened in Malaysia, I think we will see many teachers got caned :-)P

16 February, 2009 19:36  
Blogger Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaaa that's pretty cool, isn't it. But I can understand why they do that.

I've read articles about enthusiastic children who wake up every morning to go to school, often drown in disappointment because of adults' irresponsibilities.

Bus driver didn't show up to drive them, school teachers failed to give them lessons and so forth.

Not to forget.. they ARE still very primitive. Caning isn't bombastic, just not practised in urban areas.

16 February, 2009 21:41  
Blogger Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Schools competing to go above each other eh? And the students gotta suffer... The world has turned into a competition field...

17 February, 2009 08:17  
Blogger MiChi said...

I am so shocked to hear such news of teachers getting caned. Surely there are better ways to deal with teachers like in UK and US. Bad ones get memo and finally the boot coz many are under contracts.

18 February, 2009 02:12  
Blogger confessions of a medical student said...

teachers kena caned? you must be kidding....

20 February, 2009 00:30  
Blogger Unknown said...

i would say terrible system. haha.

Malaysia teachers considered good. We r blessed. lol. The problem comes from the students? haha

14 March, 2009 03:47  

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