Thursday, November 04, 2010

Yemeni Dish in Sudan

Went hunting for lunch and we thought of a Yemeni dish.

Their cooking method is unique where they will put the briyani rice, lamband chicken meat into a pot.

Thereafter, it will lowered down into an underground oven. A steel lid will then cover the hole and the dishes would be "cooked" for the next three hours to get the perfect taste.

The mixture of lamb and chicken meat on a trolley.

Up come the briyani rice.

The aroma of the briyani rice was superb.

This was another oven that was being prepared to cook the next batch of meat.

They use traditional method - burning wood it is.

We ordered a tray of briyani rice with lamb meat for three persons.

The greeny stuff on the next tray is actually chilli. You take a bite of the fresh chilli if you want some spicy taste.

The lamb meat was really excellent as it's so tender.

The briyani rice is very soft and it will melt immediately in your mouth.

Got the owner to take this picture the second time but still blur. Never mind lah.

The owner joked with us that we are not supposed to open this kind of restaurant back in Malaysia, after taking all these pictures of his shop, without having him as a partner.

This lunch was so heavy. Burped two hours later and I could still feel the same aroma. Fantastic meal indeed.
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Anonymous Nux V said...

the preparation of it doesn't look appealing, but the end product (the food)looks appetizing. With a huge portion, being meaty & high carb, it can last me for whole day.

08 November, 2010 14:40  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

nux v - it was really filling when we finished all of it. too heavy actually haha

11 November, 2010 23:07  

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