Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is Your Earning Above The Poverty Line?

The government has regarded that a person could be living in poverty if his/her monthly earning is less than RM720.

And the sad part is, even acknowledged by the Ministry of Human Resources, about 34% of Malaysian employees are earning below the poverty figure of RM720. This group of people are estimated to be earning less than RM700 per month.

Can I say that, unfortunately, the government has greater plans for a 100 storey building and massive annual budget of around RM4 billion to beef up our defence (who are we going against?) instead.

What we are seeing here is that our nation has at least 34% of its population living in poverty. That's a big number. Officially, our population is 28.25 million and this works out to about 9.6 million Malaysians are in poverty. So, every three Malaysians you see on the street, one of them is living under poverty.

If Malaysia's labour force is estimated to be 11.561 million as at Sept 2010, it means to say that only 1.956 million of the labour force are paid above RM700 per month. Of this 1.956 million labour force, how many of them are earning less than RM3,000 per month, where it is also considered as low income.

That's a huge population for the government to push us up to become a high income nation. I know we can but when?

With huge leaks happening in all ministries, government departments and agencies and even at private entities level, all I can say is that a lot of prayers are required for this nation's leaders to buck up and many to be shipped out.

With this going on, the Talent Corporation that has been set up to retain Malaysian talents (in order for them not to think about emigrating overseas) and to encourage the return of many Malaysians who have been working overseas to our nation, all efforts will go down the drain for sure. I wonder how much has been paid to "consultants" who have been advising the relevant government departments on those marvellous ideas.

Just on Wednesday morning, a chief invigilator for the SPM examination in announced loudly telling the chinese and indians students to go back to their motherland of China and India when she can't control them. You call that a smart idea to keep the school going kids quiet? Why are we seeing such people coming from the teaching profession? That's because the government is not firm and not doing anything about it as it's being repeated again and again by many government servants.

That's the by-product of the current government's attitude towards the public. On one hand you have plans for retaining and wooing Malaysians plus the grand Economic Transformation Programme to be achieved by year 2020 but sadly on the other hand, nothing is done to ensure all government staff or even the public are buying the idea. Not to say it can't be done but so many things have to be undone first before the intended can be done.

Are we really for it (as in high income nation) or just no action talk only (NATO)?
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