Thursday, January 20, 2011

Power Of A Vote

Iraqis voted for their government just last year. Despite bombings occuring nationwide with some bombs jeopardising certain voting centres, Iraqis still came out to vote.
Reading: Millions of Iraqies defy bomb and rocket attacks to vote - The Times


In South Sudan, close to 3.5 million people went to vote despite hearing people being stopped or killed while coming back to South Sudan for the once in a lifetime vote.
Reading: Violence mars south Sudan vote - IOL News


People in this two countries wanted to see changes to their lifes and they have been deprived of their rights for so long. Now it's the time to change and decide for themselves and their future generations.

These people didn't take their single vote for granted.

But it's a totally different scenario in Malaysia.

Many Malaysians have not registered to vote and some who have registered don't intend to vote. Many of these people couldn't be bothered with the Malaysian political situation. Some thought that by not voting, they considered themselves neutral (how wrong are they).

Malaysians who don't vote took their single vote for granted.

Must Malaysia reach the point similar to those situations found in Iraq or Sudan before we decide to determine Malaysia's future destination. I always believe that what you have decided today, especially in your personal life, will determine the outcome of your future (notwithstanding your prayer to God of course). Though a prayer can move mountains, it all depends on your role in making sure the mountains move. Simple example would be praying for straight As in examination results but not wanting to study at all.

Malaysia's next general election i.e. the 13th General Election is rumoured to be forthcoming. For those of you who have not registered before, you can register yourself at the following places:-

(a) The Election Commission Headquarters

Ground Floor, Block C7, Complex C,
The Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62690 Putrajaya
Tel. No.: 03-88856686

(b) State Election Offices

(c) Computerized Post Offices

(d) Outreach Programmes with Mobile Registration Centres (no activity for this at the moment)

(e) Embassies, High Commissions and Consular General Offices overseas
Please click

(f) Your nearest Assistant Registrar

For those of you who have registered and those who have voted before, please check your voting centre again at the Election Commission's Electoral Roll to ensure that the Election Commission has not secretly decided to throw you to another constituency or another school to cast your important single vote.

Even in the Election Commission's website, the following caption is flashing across their website "Election can happen at anytime. It is your responsibility to vote."

I'm proud to say that I have voted in the last four general elections (1995, 1999, 2004 and 2008). I was also involved in the 12th General Election as a Polling Agent and Counting Agent. I walk the talk!
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Blogger Unknown said...

My reply to those who not bothered to vote is always this

" You have no right to criticize how these politician are running the country because you didn't vote in the first place"

The message usually gets across to them.

21 January, 2011 15:19  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

kok hon - cldn't agree with u more

24 February, 2011 03:41  

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