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No Communication In Telecommunication Company

I have submitted my application for a telephone / broadband line via Telekom Malaysia Berhad at their TM Point, Bandar Puchong Jaya branch on 3 February 2011 under application reference number of 1-73TETA. On the day of registration, the man behind the counter said that my application can't be processed but my application will be recorded in their system.

The reason on why it can't be processed was due to insufficient lines being available in my Phase 2A residential area. Neighbours in Phase 1 and 2 (the nearest Phase 2 house is just five houses away). I took it as it is thinking that they know best. I was requested to call back within the next few working days to check on the application. The following numbers were given; 100 or 1-300-888-123 and all I needed was just to quote my reference number of 1-73TETA.

I called them once three times within the month of February 2011. Called them once at the end of March 2011. Called them once in the month of April 2011. Was given a report number of 1-444220995 but I deemed it as just a formality sake.

All these five calls were useless and futile.

The ladies at those call centres have standard response to each of my calls, that is they will record my concern / complain and will submit a report. That I will be contacted in due course after a few working days or I was requested to call them again if I didn't receive any calls from them.

It's 9 May 2011 today, more than three months since I have submitted my application.

To add insult to injury, my next door neighbour (meaning to say it's a Phase 2A resident) on the left has gotten their phone line installed just after Chinese New Year. I managed to catch the technician who came out from the neighbour's house as I was at home on that weekday. Spoke to the technician who said that there are plenty of lines available for my residential area to cater for the new Phase 3 area that has issued CF recently. I relayed my situation to him and he told me to just tell the people at the call centre to issue an instruction to install a line at my house. Don't need to submit any report anymore. Such a simple task but Telekom Malaysia Berhad made it so hard and cumbersome.

Further to that, a close friend who is living at the next street (it's also in the Phase 2A area) submitted an application towards end February 2011 / early March 2011 (can't recall exact date) has gotten their telephone line by mid March 2011. It took them two weeks plus only. This friend of mine submitted their application at the same TM Point centre as mine.

Then my neighbour (two doors away on the right and also a Phase 2A resident) received their telephone line at end April 2011.

What the heck has happened to my application?

Being a large public listed company, Telekom Malaysia Berhad has really got a lot to answer. Whatever excuse that they are going to give is actually absurd by now and if they do give one, they are actually treating their customers as fools.

Some people just had no sense of pride in their work or plain lazy or has no idea on how to resolve my issue. They can't think out of the box.

Why? Because they monopolise the telecommunication industry.

Recently, they had just talked about having the High Speed Broadband serving the whole nation. Here, a common citizen can't even get a normal telephone line and they are talking about high speed broadband for the whole nation?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm calling them a bluff and just painting the wrong picture.

They have more than a million Streamyx subscribers and even after launching the HSBB servicee more than a year ago, they have only gotten 60,000 Unifi subscribers. I'm not suprised if people are not getting their applications processed at all.

I'm saying that there's no communication system in Malaysia's largest telecommunication company i.e. Telekom Malaysia Berhad. It has been proven with my case here and I'm about to make their sixth attempt to check with them on my application's status.

I bet that they will tell me the same response which is "I will submit this report of yours and our people will call you within a few working days." It's all a bluff and many people should be sacked as they have failed their KPI for three months continuously.

So shameful to see Telekom Malaysia Berhad being a sponsor of Manchester United at the same time. My favourite football team is of world class status and how could it tie itself with a company that is of "First Class Facility But Third Class Mentality".
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Blogger Rosse said...

Telekom sucks really, our broadband connection in the afternoon always crawling. We applied for Unifi before CNY the salesman said connection will be in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks we checked with him why installer have come then he said our area having some problem with the line. (actually unifi haven't activated in our area)And promised to call us back when the line is ready, he did not call back. We tried to call him again but his phone can't be reached anymore. Then last we check with the centre 'bout our application guess what its not in their system so have to make a new application. Another guy came and promised to have our Unifi after 1 month! waiting from Feb. 'til June for Unifi!

09 May, 2011 17:08  
Anonymous senn said...

Lodge a complaint with MCMC!

Aduan SKMM Hotline: 1-800-888-030 (Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm excluding public holiday)
Online Complaint :
SMS : SKMM ADUAN [complaints details] and sms to 15888

24 May, 2011 22:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't let them get away with it. Complain to the MCMC!

Aduan SKMM Hotline: 1-800-888-030 (Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm excluding public holiday)
Online Complaint :
SMS : SKMM ADUAN [complaints details] and sms to 15888

24 May, 2011 22:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A = Apple
B = Boy

This is what our school never teach.

Telekom + Unifi = Sucks

Same case as mine.
This is even worse than Streamyx aplication. Bukit Jalil Stadium area no Streamyx port for more than 2 years.

My area now just right next to us
2 office already have Unifi.
But we don't have.
And the reason because TM haven't keyin our address since March 2011.

01 July, 2011 12:09  

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