Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scholarship Mess for Malaysians

The recent upheaval about the scholarships not being properly awarded to deserving students is just a ploy. A ploy or a decoy to divert your attention from something more serious. Or the next general election is upcoming and something has to be stirred up. Subsequently the government will come in to 'right' the matter and potrayed to be the hero again. A government that looks into the welfare of its citizen.

Why am I saying that it's a ploy?

This scholarship issue is an annual issue and when government exams' results are announced each year, you'll see people all over Malaysia crying unfairness where the government has either rejected or didn't even process their scholarship applications properly.

These news had been on-going more than a decade ago or even for the last two decades. Why is it being brought up now?

Why is the Public Service Department ("PSD") being picked on now? They should have been investigated twenty or ten years ago for the yearly issue. Why now?

Every year, many top students have been "robbed" off their eligibility to apply for a government scholarship. This is nothing new. Suddenly, the Chief Secretary to the government announced that they will look into allegations where scholarships have not been awarded accordingly to the rules. Then it's also the government's fault for not acting on it ten to twenty years ago. It took the government (say ten years) to act on such discrepancy after seeing so many top students not getting their scholarships year in year out.

Then MCA is now seen coming into the picture to help those "poor" students who have been "robbed" off their scholarship chances. They are blaming PSD also. But this is an annual affair. MCA just realised this?

Is PSD really at fault? Or were they instructed to do so otherwise? Certain people are calling for PSD's staff to be dealt with or taken to task or severely disciplined. Really want to know how will they be reprimanded after all these years of discrepancy.

Let me tell you, if you want to put up a show please do put up a better show.

Then there's this ngo (not naming as not to give them any chance of gaining useless publicity) coming into the picture asking for 67% of the government scholarships to be given to his race. In the first place, please do the first thing right first. What's that? Get a job for each and every single person of your race. Then I will say that your ngo's existence is valid and useful.

Then I read about the Pahang state government's scholarship offer for all of their sportsmen and sportswomen that are representing the state in the upcoming 14th Malaysian Games. Is this done in accordance with the nation's interest? Are we moving in this direction for the future as well? The USA and South Korea governments do have such annual budgets for scholarships for top sportsmen and sportswomen. That's the reason why theirs people are doing so well in sports.

But is the state government awarding it to the right people as in all of them are so bright in their respective sports? I hope that these awards won't go to waste just like that.
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Blogger I AM A BLOGGER said...

it is a really old news. A few years ago, during my batch, same problem happened. It will happen again unless transparency on the selection is introduced which I doubt it will ever happen

29 May, 2011 15:40  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

xijon - precisely but mca & govt were trying to score some political points here la

08 June, 2011 09:27  

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