Tuesday, April 17, 2007

33 Killed In University Compound

*Latest update - The gunman has been identified as Cho Seung-Hui — a 23-year-old senior majoring in English. He came to USA in 1992 with his parents. Read more about him.

A tragedy has occured in an university compound yesterday. The place, Virginia Tech, located at southwestern of Virginia state. A gunman, aged 19, shot dead 2 students in a dorm and proceeded to Norris Hall at the other side of the university campus. There, he padlocked the doors and proceeded to shoot a professor first before shooting students randomly. 30 were killed.

This tragic incident would trigger the sad memory of the Columbine High that happened on 20 April 1999 where 2 teenagers killed 13 people.

Where did they get those guns? I understood that it's easy to obtain a weapon's permit in USA and thus, it could be easier to obtain a weapon if the price was right too. It could be parents' negligence in not keeping their weapons safely. The question goes back to the legality on the sale of arms in USA.

I'm glad that Malaysia does not practice having shops selling weapons all over the country. Otherwise, such incident is bound to happen here as well.

My condolence and prayers to the victims' family. Regular updates on the tragedy by the university are being posted here and the university's President, Charles W. Steger, has made a statement with podcast available too.

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Blogger zeezee said...

i read the article too. Kinda scary. and ya,.. luckily here we dun allow weapons license.
Certainly remind me of the incident yrs back the two gunmen killing fellow students in college. Another tragedy juz that this time the gunmen is an Asian=(

17 April, 2007 22:14  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

its certainly an unfortunate event. guns were freely available without much checking on individuals obtaining it

25 April, 2007 19:35  

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