Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nasi Kandar

Below is a list that showed the price increase for food & beverage served at Restoran Nasi Kandar Di Kayu. Unbelievable and ridiculous prices!!!!! You can't protest with placards or shout at the top of your voice at the restaurant's doorstep (as this will attract the police) BUT you and your friends can boycott such restaurant.

I went to this restaurant before just because a friend told me to try their food and it was some time back during the old prices. Can't remember the exact address but it's somewhere near Sea Park area in Petaling Jaya. They have another restaurant in Penang too.
Reading: Nasi lemak roti canai teh tarik
Reading: Kejam dan melampau! Harga makanan, minuman naik 130 peratus - Harakah Daily

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Blogger Unknown said...

Yummy! I heard so much about Nasi Kandar from Malaysian friends but never had the chance to really try. Must go and try one of these days at Penang....

21 April, 2007 22:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

true, penang-based nasi kandar are nice but not every shop. will have to try it when u drop by at penang.

22 April, 2007 16:41  

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