Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Salesman

Last Saturday, I was at this restaurant called Jimmy's Place, located at a few doors away from CIMB Bank-Taman Connaught Branch. We were to celebrate 3 friends' birthday at one go. We called it Economies of Scale. At the entrance of the restaurant, I noticed a few stickers with certain things not allowed to be brought in.

To our astonishment, we have to sneaked in one of the birthday friends as he was a sales manager. Why do we need to? Just look at the sign below "No Salesman".



Blogger Unknown said...

Ha ha.... good one. I guess they were afraid of touting at their premises?

26 April, 2007 07:16  
Blogger Random J said...

*LOL* I love that logo - the little man with his collar and briefcase.

28 April, 2007 08:02  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i laughed over it and pointed to my group of frens. just too bad a blogger saw it...hehe

28 April, 2007 11:01  

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