Friday, September 25, 2009

A Need for Digital TV?

Having a new house coming up, I got tempted into looking at the slim LCD or Plasma TVs whenever I'm at the shopping centres.

Been reading all this while on such TV technologies and have seen its technology being improved every year. To me, I know I can't catch up with whatever new technology the TV manufacturers will put into the next TV model. Same goes for the computers.

Currently having a Sony 25" thick TV haha ...... after seeing those 1" to 2" thick TV, my TV really looks like a dinosaur. But it has served me well for the last eleven years albeit some small hiccups only. Repairs for such small hiccups were not more than RM1,000 all these years, much lesser if not mistaken.

Today, the Star newspapers deputy news editor called for a quicker change of digital technology from our TV broadcasters as he can't wait till 2015. Which means to say that all current non high definition ready TVs will be obsolete by year 2015?

That will be catastrophic considering the damage to the environment that could be caused by the disposal of hundreds of millions of TV.

I did read somewhere that Malaysia's TV broadcasters may start digital broadcast from year 2012 or 2013 onwards before the full swing in 2015. I also read that even though the TV (like the one that I'm having right now) is not digital ready, there will be a converter gadget to be used to convert the analog signal to digital signal.

I'm sure by that time the converter gadget would be highly expensive because you must have it or else no TV programmes for you till you get one. See the bad point of it? If you are smart or having the contacts to start sourcing for such gadget, you'll be laughing all your way to the bank.

Why need to laugh when only going to the bank? I would be laughing wherever I go if it was me hehe.

British government has started their change of technology way back in 1998 and would switched off the analog transmission in year 2012. Such a developed country took fourteen years. Malaysia intend to create a record by shortening it to three years.

In USA, the full digital transmission should have begun in June 2009 and USA TV broadcasters believed that up to 3 million TV viewers may only get to see "snow falling" on their TV screens by now.

I'm at a lost of which TV to aim for if I decided to get one. I saw the beautiful Pioneer Kuro model. It's colour and clarity is the undisputed champion. Price wise - out of reach haha. Pioneer will stop manufacturing plasma TVs from next year onwards. That will even deter me from thinking about Pioneer Kuro fearing about the spare parts later on. Also heard that it may not be a problem as Pioneer obtains the main component materials from Panasonic, being the OEM supplier.

So, the Panasonic full HD plasma TV caught my attention now and it's much more economical compared to Pioneer Kuro model.

When I was in Harvey Norman, Ikano recently, the sales person recommended me take Samsung full HD plasma TV instead. He said that the reason why Pioneer Kuro's colour is so fantastic was due to its dark black screen (when switched off). Samsung's plasma TV is almost similar but Panasonic's black screen looked dark silver to me.

Now, I'm confused!

Reading: Digital TV – the sooner the better for the country - Star
Reading: Millions Still Unprepared for — Gulp — Tomorrow’s DTV Transition - Wired
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Blogger foongpc said...

Sorry can't help you choose your TV! never mind lah, get the Panasonic one first. Later, can change again right? : )

So are you going into the business of selling those gadget to change analog to digital? : )

25 September, 2009 22:20  
Anonymous life ramblings said...

sorry i can't help u, so good luck with your search. tech is rapidly changing these days and it's hard to keep track of the latest gadgets in the market.

26 September, 2009 21:05  
Blogger Chemhoster said...

Malaysia boleh...Memang boleh...

Previously there's plan to run vehicles on water.

Js at the moment, the country is about to launch the first of its kind "national F1 team" which is gonna spend extremily big money.

Positively speaking, very ambitious. hahaha...

On contrary, ain't we trying to take the lead despite the lack of the necessity@prerequisite@foundation.

Anyway, a flat tv should serve you better for watching the BPL. Value buy...haha

26 September, 2009 21:31  
Blogger Merrinette said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

28 September, 2009 22:32  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - maybe pana 1st. bigger companies are already getting into distributing those gadgets d

life rambling - too fast for us to catch up

chemhoster - flat tv is good but a bigger screen is even better hehe

02 October, 2009 23:45  

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