Monday, September 07, 2009

Theme Parks to Bring in Tourists

Malaysia is trying hard to compete against its neighbouring countries, Thailand and Singapore to be precise, for tourists that prefer to travel and tour around this region.

The rumours of Disneyland coming to our shore didn't materialise but the government found investors to bring in the Legoland Park. This park will be situated at the much hyped Iskandar Malaysia where it will be opened to the public in 2013. I'm not pouring cold water on the project but there's nothing spectacular about this park.

How will this one theme park bring in the bulk of the tourists?

OK never mind, we'll go for another one then ............. Malaysia can't attract the likes of Disneyland or Universal Studio (which will be opening up in Singapore soon) so we have to go for whoever we can grab.

We managed to grab KidZania (never heard of it till it was reported) all the way from Mexico. Wow, another theme park? I don't think so but it's being painted as if it's going to be one.

It will only require a space of 60,000 sq ft and a small building is just nice enough to host this "theme park". I would say that this theme park will only cater for Malaysians and I doubt that it will create a hoo haa effect till it will attract overseas tourists or even kids from our neighbouring countries.

This Kidzania, to be situated at Mutiara Damansara, will be opened for business in 2012 and entrance fees based on Indonesia's Kidzania could be in the range of US$12 to US$13 for children (depending on the age group) and US$9 for adults. Yeah, for once the kids will cost more than the adults.

Will the parents bring their kids to this new theme park a few times in a year?
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Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

It will not be a crowd puller if not Disney. Why waste money!

08 September, 2009 13:36  
Blogger An Asian Traveler said...

I agree.

08 September, 2009 15:23  
Blogger Rosse said...

Malaysia's Style! cuba dulu kalau tak jadi tak apa.They prepare to waste money i think than too help the poor malaysians.

09 September, 2009 10:28  
Anonymous keeyit said...

agree too :)

10 September, 2009 08:14  
Blogger WanWan said...

Kidzania - entrance fee so expensive... US$12 = RM42 for a kid??

Even other theme park at m'sia having difficulty to survive.. not easy to maintain it..

10 September, 2009 13:45  
Blogger Kev said...

I'd rather go to Sentosa Island or Haw Par any time.

12 September, 2009 21:45  
Blogger foongpc said...

I agree it's a waste of money. I don't think Legoland can attract tourists! Maybe just Malaysians.

13 September, 2009 18:42  
Blogger George said...

Everybody said Legoland would fail in California too but they are a huge hit. I've been in line at Disney listening to kids beg their mom to take them back to Legoland. Kids love it and you'll see why.

15 September, 2009 04:34  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

jasmine - just entertainment for locals?? but how many locals will make a repeat trip?

asian traveler - but the govt didnt think so

rosse - i wonder who has done the cash flow projection or they don't know what a cash flow projection is

keeyit - the project is condemned even before the start of biz

wanwan - sunway lagoon is doing well but maybe its one such unique place at klang valley

kev - but cost is much higher

foong - yes, if build why not something big

george - wow, at last someone who's looking at it from a diff perspective

15 September, 2009 23:46  

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