Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Day Event

Yeah ...... it took me almost three weeks to blog about this because I just realised it.

One of the local hip-hip singer, Liang, was invited to perform in my church's Christmas service held at International Youth Centre at Bandar Tun Razak.

He's not only good in singing but a fantastic emcee too. I was there when he emceed at a few events.

He was fantastic with his songs. Belted few songs and he was able to get the crowd to participate as well. Incredible.

At the end of the service, many many people actually took pictures with him. He became a star amongst my church members.

Well attended Christmas service.

This blogpost should have more pictures but due to my involvement in the Christmas drama, I was too occupied with the preparations.

It was either this or that that was missing, not connected, not found, not the right one .... wow, really interesting.

This choir group, named the Praise International Choir, comprise of members from various countries. One of the countries is Malaysia and I'm sure Nigeria was represented. I wonder which African nation was represented too.

They have done exceptionally well way because of their hours spent practising their songs. Bravo!!

This is where I operated from on that day. Helped an Indonesian performance to play their songs via laptop ...... good thing I brought mine along otherwise another hiccup.

Mainly, my laptop was used to play the songs used for my drama entitled "1King". Yeah, I caught the fever of using the "1". Influenced by whom? I'm sure you know who.
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