Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Survival in Dubai Airport

These pictures were taken about two weeks back when I was in transit at Dubai airport. Good thing I could rest in the Emirates Business Class Lounge at Terminal 3.

Once in it, it was to hunt down a good place to sit. Found a quiet spot. At 1.30am, every spot is a quiet spot.

On my right was a food counter, eat or drink all you can. This is one of the four food counters you can find around the lounge. A large lounge indeed. The main counter is where people will take their main meals such as lunch or dinner.

This one here mainly serves simple food e.g. snacks, fruits, titbits, drinks and ice-cream (stored in a small refrigerator located on right side of the counter).

And it is Haagen-Dazs ice-cream ........... eat all you can too.

There's a limit to the free ice-cream and the next best food found ...... all kinds of berries.

And the smoked salmon was fresh too.

After feeling my stomach, it's time to entertain myself since I can't sleep. Hopped over to the games corner.

There you go, a driver's seat with steering wheel all well placed for you to drive to your heart's satisfaction.

With three 42 inch monitors fronting you, what more can you ask for.

This machine was not easy to handle and I found that the steering control was so sensitive. A 1mm movement could trigger your car to move a lot on the track.

Once bored with the driving, I jumped onto the next game available. Xbox 360 it is. Football game, what else.

Picked Man Utd over many other teams and set it to a lower standard to get myself accustomed to the control gadget first.

Felt so nice in trashing many other teams, one of them is Liverpool.

The internet room was where I updated my facebook and blog at the same time.

Stayed at the lounge from 1.30am till around 9.30am while waiting for my connecting flight.

Ate, played games, surf internet, ate, played games, surf internet, ate (full breakfast too), played games, surf internet ......something like that till I left the lounge. Thanks to Emirates Airlines.
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Blogger lina said...

I wouldn't mind being transit for hours if I can stay in a nice lounge like that.

20 January, 2010 23:07  
Blogger foongpc said...

Wow! That's really nice! I want unlimited Haagen Dasz! : )

21 January, 2010 01:00  
Blogger Ted said...

Eat,drink, play all you can? Wow! I'd like tat!

21 January, 2010 09:32  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

Wow, wow..nice transit...

21 January, 2010 16:30  

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