Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Simple And Extravagant

A super exposed picture but nevertheless caught the essence of it. Friends partaking Sudanese style food.

We had this at the Kandahar market area.

That's the grilled lamb in the middle of the lot. Fresh vege salad right in front of me. The one of the right is a mixture of tomatoes, cucumber with mayonnaise, pepper and a mixture of some local spice. Really good taste. The one at the top is fried lamb liver.

This is the simple meal. It comes with a concocted mixture of local yoghurt / 7-Up that made it nice and soothing after a heavy meal. It cost about 90 SDG (US$1 = 2.60 SDG). Yeah, you wouldn't believe the cost of living here.

The extravagant has to be tasted at a much more stylo place. It has to be in a local hotel. We chose the better hotel known as the Burj Al-Fateh Hotel. A new hotel owned by Libyans.

Even this swing door (forgotten the name used for this kind of door lah) is nicely decorated with animals (made of wood) placed in between glass panels.

The internal architectural design while looking up.

We went to the Mugran Restaurant which serves buffet dinner. What else man.

About thirteen colleagues were together for the once in a while gathering. Need to de-stress at times. Not de-stress from work but more of the life here.

The colleague who can't hide her excitement in seeing so much food. The food, in terms of choices, being served is akin to those 4 stars hotel in Malaysia.

Saw this floor guide in the lift and I seldom see people use "negative one" to signify a floor level.

You can tell it has links to Libya by the names there.

The nice facade taken outside the hotel.

This hotel is really quite grand with its architectural design and it shows that Sudan is progressing towards a better lifestyle.

Albeit, at a higher cost of living as well.

Exposed picture again. Took this from within the car as we were leaving.
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Blogger lina said...

Such a feast!

27 January, 2010 08:43  
Blogger foongpc said...

Looks like a nice hotel with nice architectural design!

28 January, 2010 00:27  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

Dining out like this is such an experience...

30 January, 2010 19:03  
Blogger Kev said...

Gosh, first it's a really good spread for the buffet, and second, the hotel has great design - and this is Sudan... very nice. :)

19 February, 2010 07:32  

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