Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poor Telecommunication Infrastructure

At last I moved into my new home and almost got all boxes unpacked. Not that I didn't do put efforts into clearing the boxes but having hard time to decide where to put my stuff now. I have to remember where I have put my stuff now. I can tell you that it's not easy. Don't tell me that age is catching up.

Still searching for some household stuff here and there and frequent overseas travel took up my weekends where I could only muster enough time to source for stuff.

One of it is my internet connection. Of late, lots of work in office coupled with no internet connection has lessen my blogging activities.

And when I have time to do so, I took time to read some internet forums on respective internet service providers and enquired on the transfer of existing fixed telephone line to my new place.

Thanks to the Packet 1 advertisement, I have decided to 'cut' or 'potong' the Telekom Malaysia Berhad's fixed telephone line, TM net service and also the Streamyx service.

Not that I have subscribed for Packet 1's internet service but that advertisement was really catchy in a way.

Found out that P1 WIMAX wireless broadband does not cover my housing area. After 'cut' you are left with nothing. So much for their big time advertisement but their coverage is so so poor in my area.

As for Telekom Malaysia or TM, it's a total failure on their part for being unable to provide the service at my new home.

The talk of spending RM1.3 billion on High Speed Broadband in Malaysia does not cover my new home area.

Then they have the urge to advertise "If it's not Streamyx, it's not good enough".

That I know.

What happened? How come I couldn't get a line for my Streamyx?

A close friend of mine who moved into the new area applied for the transfer of the fixed line and Streamyx service. Shockingly, TM told her that they can't connect her at the new home. Reason given was there isn't enough subscribers for TM to connect us. Fantastic, just fantastic. Excellent! Bravo!

I tried too and TM said I have to wait. So, now what? No internet, no fixed line?

When I went to TM Point to cancel all my TM services, the officer told me that Streamyx is having a promotion now and why do I want to cancel. I told her that I'm cancelling because TM does not want to serve at my new home.

She asked whether I have tried applying for it and I told her my friend has already done so and was not entertained (yeah, entertained actually but to tell "Sorry, we can't help you"). I told her my house is part of a new phase of which only three occupants have moved in. She did mention that new housing development may face such difficulties.

You mean to say that with so much of technology investments, TM still can't do it or chose not to do it?

The officer that entertained my close friend, when she went to apply for the transfer, said that in order for her line to be connected TM need more applicants. What does that mean? It's not economical to connect one line?

Our houses are located on the same row of the earlier phase 2 (ours - phase 2A), sharing the same road, drainage, electricity. Phase 1 and Phase 2 owners are having TM lines already.

What's the problem after all? If TM has to wait for more applicants to apply I have to wait for the remaining owners / tenants to move in. By when? In this technology era, we are told to wait by the main internet service provider in Malaysia.

My close friend is already using DiGi wireless broadband service. The neighbours along Phase 2 do subscribe to Maxis wireless broadband too.

Let's say:-
If me and my friend decide to subscribe with other service providers, the next person from my phase 2A that goes to TM will still get the same reply ......... "When we get more applicants, we will inform you". This person will then opt for another service provider. The following person will do the same thing and will get the same response and so forth .......... when will the wheel end?

Not all houses may be occupied that soon as some are trying to dispose off the properties (maybe they are investors). If these houses are not occupied, there will be no applicant from that property then.

With people subscribing with other service providers, by the time TM thinks they have received lots of enquiries and start to call those earlier enquirers, we will tell TM that we don't need your Streamyx now because we have subscribed with other service providers.

In the end, who will lose out? It's TM!

This is what you call monopoly business. Never mind if they monopolised it but they still can't provide.

Reading: Investors put off by Malaysia’s high-cost, low-speed broadband - Malaysian Insider
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Blogger lina said...

TM should be more proactive in marketing at new housing estates instead of waiting for applicants to come to them. They are too complacent being the big boy in the business, I suppose.
But now with fierce competition, they should not just wait for subscribers to come to them.
I wish the speed be improved drastically by all providers soon, what with talk of upgrade and whatnot.

13 January, 2010 23:12  
Blogger Ted said...

Ok age is not catching up, but is running out? Hahah choi choi. Congrats on all the unboxing and good luck trying to remember where u put it. I'm having problems with my astro currently and yes, I hate these monopoly biz.

14 January, 2010 13:32  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

Congrats to u on moving to your new home. TM is just as famous everywhere for their unreliable service and slow connection. I'll be changing to another better one once my contract with TM ends.

15 January, 2010 21:13  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lina - even if it was upgraded, the price will go up in tandem which makes it unaffordable

ted - hahaha .... good one there. i'm having problems in remembering where i put the stuff now

jasmine - streamyx was ok at my previous place. i need it now at my new place but they are not entertaining us

19 January, 2010 20:03  

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