Thursday, April 22, 2010

20,000 At Underworld Boss' Funeral

Taiwan big underworld boss from the Big Lake gang, Lee Chao-Hsiung, passed away and other underworld gangs will be making their ways to pay a last respect.

The entourage bringing his hearse to the funeral ceremony area was led by 12 outriders. Mind you, they are just his gang members, not the police force.

Being an underworld boss in Taiwan, you are given the right to have the road to yourself even after death.

Morale of the story - when you intend to thread into the underworld make sure you make it really big, that is to aim for the position of the triad leader. Otherwise, don't waste your time.

At the ceremony, the crowd built up and police force has to ensure security there. Now, you wouldn't want a big clash with all underworld bosses appearing at the same place same time.

Not only that it has drawn my attention, it has drawn the attention of international press agencies like the Agence France-Presse and those from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines, Malta, France, USA, South Africa

Ironically, he died on 11 March 2010 and his funeral will be on 26 April 2010. The enbalming master must really preserve his body.

The Organising Committee has issued rules and regulations:-
* Each gang can only bring 300 of his/her gang members to attend;
* No persons under 18 years of age allowed to attend (yeah, unless accompanied by a parent due to its violence influence)
* If exceed 300 members, gangs are to present their best members (e.g. 180cm or taller, identical black suits and ties, etc)

Who's who? Many will be attending his funeral ceremony including Taiwanese senior politicians. Under his protection?

But I like the who's who in the Organising Committee better -
1) Assistant to a Legislator
2) Parliament speaker
3) Chief secretary to the President

Japanese leading Yakuza gang, the Yamaguchi-gumi, will be sending their representatives.

Any news from the Italian's leading mafia gang?

Police issued this ultimatum - "No mobilization; no associating; no gang identification."

For such a news, how can it not be published in Mafia Today, the main website reference for all mafias.

Taiwan press are currently presenting his good side (maybe forced to do so) -
1) donations (by his son) up to NT$60 million for thee disabled people and low-income families as well as four major religious organisations
2) known for helping to negotiate the release of a number of kidnapped politicians and businessmen, including the Taichung city council speaker (must be some kind of Godfather who's able to command such a release)
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Blogger Ted said...

Wah, don play play with these ppl.

22 April, 2010 10:17  
Blogger Nux V said...

wah, really an eye-opener! din knw that mafia triad leader can hav such privilege (of getting wide broadcast and police security)similar to politicians...well, i believe some of them r politicians too..

26 April, 2010 13:42  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ted - even police respects them

nux v - i help u, u help me motto (in the underworld concept of course)

09 July, 2010 08:29  

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