Friday, April 09, 2010

Resolve A Problem By Raising Prices Beyond Everyone's Reach

The Terengganu state government is really giving me a good laugh. Really need such laugh during this intense period LOL!

What did they do this time?

If you like Pulau Redang off Terengganu's coast, I would strongly suggest that you book yourself a trip there to see whatever, do whatever, enjoy whatever you can. Reason - in due course I can almost guarantee that 90% won't be going there again.

Not that you can't go but you would have to fork out tons of cash in order to be there.

The state Chief Minister has planned to allow only 5 stars and above type of hotels or resorts to be built in the future. That also the room rates could be in the region of US$500 per night.

Why would he want to do that? Reasons given:-
a) save the surrounding rich marine life and prevent environmental destruction due to pollution and indiscriminate littering
b) budget accommodation places on the island have no proper sewage system and waste is directed to the sea, and this destroys the corals
c) save the island from deteriorating environmentally
d) initiated out of concern for the environment as damage to the corals had been extensive.

He could be right there because an estimated 100,000 holidaymakers would travel there in a year.

What about the existing budget hotels that are still operating there? Kick them out of the island? Other businesses that are operating on the island which can't sell high end products should pack up too.

How many could afford a US$500 hotel room? Maybe only 1,000 out of the 100,000. A colleague said that it's good to raise the hotel rates because only the older folks are usually more well off and they may not be divers at that age. So the corals are saved.

By the way, the Chief Minister has some options for you. Please go to Pulau Kapas and Pulau Perhentian instead if you can't afford Pulau Redang in the future. The 99,000 (assuming 1,000 will be holidaying in Pulau Redang) are given the green light to destroy both Pulau Kapas and Pulau Perhentian, if I did the catch his phrase correctly.

But then, ain't introducing awareness and proper education on protecting the environment is a better option. Maybe more social responsibility programmes should be initiated on Pulau Redang itself.

The Chow Kit area in Kuala Lumpur city area should be cleaned up too. I got an idea now. Get the city council to buy the same idea as in by raising the property assessment beyond a human's comprehension, only allow high end type properties to be built, only allow niche products to be marketed there and I'm sure Chow Kit's tardiness would be solved.

Malaysia Boleh again!

Reading: Pulau Redang aims to lure the rich with room rates no less than RM1,600 - Star
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Blogger lina said...

Pretty soon Malaysian can't afford to go anywhere in our own country.

Remember Najib did say that 5 star hotels in Malaysia need to raise their prices because foreigners say the rates are too low?

We are really not big in enforcement and education. We are however really good in dishing out insane short term measures that benefit nobody except perhaps the rent seekers. :(

09 April, 2010 21:37  
Blogger plusmy said...

I have wishful thinking they use the $$$ for greater marine reserve like Singapore n HK, where they collect $$$ and fund back to community. Well, as I said "wishing thinking"

10 April, 2010 00:25  
Blogger Chemhoster said...

Oh yea, when i first learned about this, i literally made a second reading to confirm the details...couldn't believe at all he can even resort to this...Pulau Redang being a high end tourist spot in the nations where only 100 wealthy out of 10 000 citizen. wakakaka...

11 April, 2010 19:23  
Blogger akatsukiotoko said...

they do things with comedians not with pros which make their world crumbling in the latter.

12 April, 2010 02:18  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lina - sometimes i really wonder whether our politicians (even those of high positions) have any business sense

plusmy - that's what a right minded person would do

chemhoster - even a malaysian can't see the country's own beauty

akat - some comedians make millions owing to their brilliant minds

09 July, 2010 08:37  

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