Thursday, April 15, 2010

Politicians' Mouth

Really a good laugh when you see cabinet ministers opening their mouth.

A renowned lady pathologist from Thailand, who was supposed to be back in Malaysia for being a witness in a court hearing, told the press that she's not coming back to Malaysia to give further testimony fearing for her life.

Opposition politicians quickly jumped up and blame the present government that they can't even protect a lady and wants to know why she feared for her life.

Then a minister said she's a liar.

Next, the opposition politicians said that this minister can be brought to court for sub judice.

The minister quickly responded by saying that she is afraid to come because she can't justify what she has testified earlier.

A state government who actually appointed her confirmed that she's not coming due to safety.

Another came up to guarantee her safety and re-assured her that she can testify.

With this assurance, the Thai witness suddenly availed herself.

It shocked both the ministers now.

The first minister then asked what sort of threats that made her changed her mind in the first place. He wants the proof also.

The second minister is now saying how to guarantee your safety when you can't even pin point the what where why how on her earlier concerns.

In other words, the guarantee is not guaranteed.

When you propose a protection guarantee, you are supposed to guarantee from top of the head right down to the toe and from all sorts of threats.

Imagine the when prime minister was to request for special police force protection and the police asked "what sort of threats do you want us to protect you from?".

What if the prime minister was to say "just protect me". Will the police say "since you can't identify your worries / concerns, we are unable to protect you any longer".

It's crazy, isn't it?
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Blogger akatsukiotoko said...

I dun get it. What is the purpose of being a minister when they could not check the facts first?

16 April, 2010 19:19  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

they don't know where to start??

21 April, 2010 10:06  

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