Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cola Will Reduce Sperm Count?

Drinking lots of Cola may reduce a guy's sperm count but to what extent?

A doctor by the name of Dr. Tina Kold Jensen (and her team) from University Department of Growth and Reproduction has done a research with 2,500 Danish guys, young guys for that matter. No old guys because their sperm count is definitely lower as they aged hehe.

In her research she tried to check on the impact of caffeine-based drink on the guy's reproduction health. The research team used the Cola drink which has caffeine in it.

Which cola? Not mentioned. I guess it's safer not to name the brand in case of lawsuits. But how many types of cola drinks are there in the market?

From the outcome of the research, a guy who doesn't drink cola will have a sperm count of "averaging 50 million sperm per milliliter semen".

And if you do drink, that also the research mentioned that at least more than one liter (about 34 ounces) was consumed, your sperm count could be in the range of 35 million sperm per milliliter.

The above research was found in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

From this research, I can deduce that a charging group of 50 million sperms may penetrate an egg easier.

I guess it will be equally bad for a lady's reproductive system if she drinks a lot of cola too. Anyway, the research was not conclusive as there are many other factors that may cause lower sperm count.

I can also conclude, suddenly the medical part of my brain is functioning, that if you were to continue drinking cola in that magnitude (a liter a day), your reproduction health may not be affected but I'm sure the diabetes will find you as a close friend real soon.

I have once heard of this joke but I found it very profound too:-

"Every single person in this world is a born winner. Why? Because you were the only sperm that managed to penetrate into the egg first and thus, you are a winner right before you were born."

Well, listed this under the Tragedy label because if it's true it's definitely a tragedy for many men (or ladies for that matter).

Reading: Is cola bad for sperm? - Reuters
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Blogger Ted said...

Tragedy? yes, but i'll bet that not many people will not care and continue drinking anyway.

06 April, 2010 12:36  
Blogger lina said...

Instead of drinking cola, or reducing sugar intake to 1 spoon a day (seen this? XD) we should just drink plain water lah...

06 April, 2010 13:08  
Blogger Elaine New said...

agree wit lina : follow the fishes!

08 April, 2010 12:24  

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