Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All Malaysian School Kids Will Be Taught To Hate

In view of the Israeli actrocities against Palestine now, tempers are boiling all over the world that the attacks done by Israel is not coming to a stop just yet.

Malaysia's former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir (a person I revered), has called for a nationwide boycott on USA goods unnessarily.

I thought that the said boycott was bad enough until I read this piece of Bernama news that quoted what the Education Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, has to say about the Israeli actrocities.

Please check with your school going kids and help them unlearn what they are going to learn in time to come. It was reported that all school kids will somehow be taught on how to have this HATRED feeling against the Israeli atrocities on Palestinians.

It was mentioned that a particular mass movement will involve those in the teaching profession and education ministry staff to be 'brain washed' first before they instill it in the kids.

Please note that this mass movement has been approved by the Cabinet on 7 Jan 2009 (which involves only Barisan Nasional politicians).

Personally, if the Malaysian government wants people to be aware of such actrocities, just teach the positive way. The government declares the nation as an Islamic nation but now they are trying to instill HATRED into the school going kids (please read this statement with proper understanding, no malice & hatred were meant here before you even thought of commenting on this statement alone). A religion teaches us to HATE? What's wrong with the government?

Kids won't be able to differentiate which is correct or wrong unless with proper adult guidance. School kids will be thinking that whichever nation that attacks fervently and without mercy, that nation could be HATED later on.

If school kids so happened saw their relatives fighting but didn't know what happened actually (even though physical fight is incorrect), the school kids would have HATRED feeling against those relatives because they have been taught to HATE. They won't know how to differentiate in different circumstances.

Nothing better to do? What political mileage is there to gain when all school going kids' brains will be destroyed?

The government is really going too far with this mass movement! Do it the positive way!

Why can't the ridiculous Minsitry of Education teach what LOVE is all about?

Teach school kids on how to LOVE and touch other people's hearts irrespective of race / religion / upbringing. Am sure with this, wars won't happen but with HATRED feeling, it will happen right here in our own country itself if not guided properly.

Tell all your friends to check with the kids and instill the right teaching into their minds.

Reading: Students In Mass Movement Against Israeli Actrocities - Bernama

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Blogger TZ said...

hehehe... the acting of boycotting Coke, Starbucks, Intel, AMD etc ... is so childish... ;p Let's think... how much products the country could boycott... can we leave without Computer ???

I would like to urge the leader to think before starting this boycotting campaign... who will suffer ... of coz US and also us!

13 January, 2009 02:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh well, no religion teaches us to hate but to love and have justice. maybe whoever makes that statement has to go back to religion studies.

13 January, 2009 09:13  
Blogger Tammy said...

it's lame. How immature can our gov be? Take the time when our country came up as the pit stop for terrorists, or some terrorists plans originated from here. How about piracy? drug trafficking etc? should other countries boycott us too then?

say no to Milo?

its like spitting on our rice bowl

13 January, 2009 09:58  
Blogger khengsiong said...

A few things come to my mind:
- Double standard
- Eye for an eye

Now if the protest turns violent, and some students are hurt, how would the organizers answer the parents?

13 January, 2009 11:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outrageous! ridiculous! Horrible!

I though the school suppose to teach LOVE & FORGIVENESS & now our kids taught to HATE...

Sigh...I rest my case!

13 January, 2009 11:23  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

I been told Israel people are blessed person. Those who oppose will suffer as they are the children of David (from bible).

It makes sense also. US had been supporting them for so long and that country had been doing so well

13 January, 2009 14:58  
Blogger Dave said...

Israel today is not the theocratic nation of the old testament so christians ought not support them blindly. If they commit atrocities we should criticise them as well

but in this case, i think to be fair, we need to also put part of the blame on Hamas for neglecting their own people and start conflicts that they know they cannot win

13 January, 2009 21:20  
Blogger acura said...

So Hindraf using a child to deliver roses to PM cannot. They said it was exploitation.

But teaching our children to hate & for political reasons are acceptable? This is crazy

Oh, I heard another brilliant suggestion from the gov as well. We should all trade using Ringgit. Then, the US dollar will collapse & funding to Israel will dry up. If only things were this easy...

13 January, 2009 21:38  
Blogger Kev said...

Guess what? One local university in Malaysia (i'm sure others will follow) gathered its students and staff at a public hall to protest the attack on Gaza - classes were cancelled just for this.

What will students learn? Nothing, but they'll certainly grow up to think that education is not as important as politics.

13 January, 2009 22:05  
Blogger 고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

If it's true, then I am well and truly shocked. To instill hatred in young children will have untold repercussions for the future. If not careful, they're going to produce child soldiers that have no conscience about destroying another human life just because they're from the "wrong" nation.

13 January, 2009 23:03  
Blogger foongpc said...

I agree, teaching children to hate is the wrong way. Teach them to love instead. It is hate that creates all the troubles in this world. When there is love, there will be no war and no pain. When you hate, you attract even more hatred. How others treat us is a mirror on how we treat ourselves and others.

15 January, 2009 01:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SORRY if u hurt reading my words.it's not a true comment but to trigger u to think...pliz read calm n stay cool...
the gov is only done a little.if u wanna know the true story is that, the israeli's children have also been taught to hate muslims.you must know the very true history b4 u ambush or criticize something.what actually the israeli's skool teachers taught them?actually the true story is EVERY MORNING THE PUPILS HAVE TO SING A SONG.ONE OF THE BAIT OF THE SONG's LYRIC IS "THE BEST MEAT IS MUSLIM'S BODY AND THE DELICIOUS MEAT IS MUKMIN'S BODY"...how wud u answer?i think when i read ur post, its like u know nothing about israel,regime zionis n islam...if we boycott their goods,it's only a small thing compared with all the muslims n mukmins that had dead.you shud learn more about religion.dont be so childish n immature when writing or commenting something.u must have dalil!thank u n may we all HAVE the chance to get the guidances from the GOD ALMIGHTY...AMEEN

17 January, 2009 19:28  

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