Friday, January 02, 2009

Visit to a Packed Mid Valley

On early Thursday morning, I took a cab to Sentul to collect my car which was repaired and went straight into Mid Valley by 10am, which is way before any traffic that will surely happen on a public holiday.

First sighting of Christmas decoration in a shopping centre after coming back from overseas. Such pathetic life of mine eh?

Took these pictures on 1 Jan 2009 in Mid Valley and certain shops are still playing the Christmas songs .......... extended holiday season?

The Super Home Ideas Renovation Expo was the reason that brought me to Mid Valley.

In the expo, I bumped into two friends, both brothers, who didn't know that their brother was in the same shopping centre.

The expo was really packed like mad. Didn't reserve any services or products but it did give me more ideas on how to renovate my home.

I heard from one of the brothers that it was chaotic in the basement car park. Too many cars were roaming in the huge basement car park but still not enough.

When I was leaving, a car spotted me leaving and tailed me to my car. Suddenly, another car appeared from nowhere which stopped just besides me and waiting for me to leave. I wouldn't want to stay to see what's going to happen to that two drivers.
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Blogger Mrcoolku said...

Most probably they wereplaying bumper car after that! :)

02 January, 2009 19:38  
Blogger [SK] said...

it's always wise to go MV earlier during holidays..

02 January, 2009 23:34  
Blogger 고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

I went today, thinking that it should be better since it's a working day, but it's just as bad. Too many bays being cordoned off for seasonal parkings, with too few for the public.

02 January, 2009 23:36  
Blogger foongpc said...

Oh, welcome back to Malaysia! haha! Going to MidValley before 10am is a smart idea! I always do that, otherwise cannot get parking space.

03 January, 2009 00:56  
Blogger soulesscloudy said...

Whole Klang Valley shopping Mall is 4ever crowded.... the best time to go is early early early morning b4 all the shop open.... hahaha...

wonder y m'sian like to hang around the mall?

03 January, 2009 11:14  
Blogger Unknown said...

Looks pretty much like the scene here in our Singapore shopping malls. Except taht the music to be played is going to be switched to CNY mode soon - ie Gong Xi Gong Xi, Da Ti Hui Chun, Cai Shen Dao etc...

04 January, 2009 16:51  
Blogger Annoymous said...

Ah , its new year already.

04 January, 2009 23:15  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

mr cool - good thing i have left

sk - that's the correct move

blackie - its bad when u go in after 11am

foong - smart fella

wanwan - anor smart fella

cool insider - i think by now those christmas decors wld have been taken down

harmony - oh yes

05 January, 2009 10:33  

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