Thursday, January 15, 2009

Barack Obama's Beast

Barack Obama, the president-elect of USA, will ride in a heavily modified car, the 2009 Cadillac Presidential Limousine, in his inauguration ceremony on 20 Jan. The car is a Cadillac-made model and has been given the nickname of Beast owing to its huge size and for its toughness.

How heavily modified? Just look at the specifications:-
* Hand-stitched leather

* 10-disc CD player

* 8-inch-thick doors with each door having the same weight of a Boeing 757 airliner's cabin door (because of these doors, it's also called the Cadillac One)

* Boot contains an independent oxygen supply and advanced fire-fighting system

* Defence systems include pump-action shotguns, night-vision cameras and tear-gas cannons (the president must have been trained using all this weaponaries)

* Supplies of the President's blood in case of emergency medical treatment

* Petrol tank is amour-plated filled with specially designed foam to prevent it from exploding

* Tyres on the limousine are Kevlar-reinforced, puncture- and shred-resistant, with special steel rims that allow the car to continue driving even if the tyre is missing

The bad part of the car:-
* top speed of only 60mph (how to have a fast escape from danger then?)
* eight miles to a gallon (wow, that's really a beast!)

The price - £300,000

Reading: The beast – it's Obama's new Cadillac - What Car?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 January, 2009 23:33  
Blogger SamSeiko said...

=__= spammer? advertiser?

anyway, why the Beast looks like coffin =X really high -tech this car has fire power....

16 January, 2009 14:30  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

The Beast can't fly and swim as well

16 January, 2009 14:51  
Blogger acura said...

Should be very comfortable inside although it looks hideous outside

17 January, 2009 02:17  
Blogger 고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

Wow!!! Except for the speed of the car, I feel so totally safe and secure to be in it, and wish I could afford such a car.....hehe, looks like I'm as paranoid as the President-elect!! :D

17 January, 2009 10:58  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

keyword - thks for the lead

elite - superb car indeed

borneo - got diff car for that

acura - shld be for that sort of price

blackie - we need it in m'sia nowadays with so many lousy drivers on the road

17 January, 2009 18:03  

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