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Cinema Ticket Price To Increase 100%?

I'm sure most cinemagoers are paying around RM9 to RM12 per person per movie nowadays. That is not the only thing you have to pay when you go for a cinema show. You need to pay for the car park, the snacks to be consumed while watching the movie, the meal (lunch or dinner) to be consumed in the shopping centre and if you go with the family, guess how much would be the total cost of watching a movie shown in a cinema located in a shopping centre. Could be around RM100 for a family of four.

I would say that majority of the moviegoers would be watching foreign produced movies rather than locally produced. Reason will be basically - huge cost of production movie with famous movie stars.

How are you going to challenge such foreign produced movie then? Easy! Increase the cinema ticket price for such movies beyond the reach of the common folks. Maintain the cinema ticket price for locally produced movies and you'll get a stream of moviegoers watching locally produced movies.

That's the plan of the Malaysian Film Producers Association. Their idea of increasing the price will be detrimental to foreign produced movies, the Hollywood origin in specific, as the targetted price of RM20 will be too much to bear for many people.

Firstly, just go to the queue and see who are the current cinemagoers. Majority would be youngsters from the teenagers to the young adults. They could be watching up to four movies a month and imagine the cost of doing so by then.

Driving them away from the cinemas will drive them to get entertainment of a cheaper mode. Guess what would be the alternative then?

The local production companies are unable to wrestle / match / improve compared with the Hollywood produced movies and now, they have thought of this brilliant idea ................. kill them off by making their movies unaccessible.

Instead of raising their own standards or even increase the budget for producing a movie, they are gunning for an easier way out ................. simple minds and looking for easy money only but at the expense of moviegoers. They assumed that you will watch the locally produced movies when you have no other choice or making your choice limited.

Fortunately, Malaysian Film Development Corporation has mentioned that "it's a serious matter which involves government approval and not just the film industry people, rest assured that no decision will be taken without due consideration".

One thing for sure, the pirated dvd sellers are already ensuring that their production lines will be ready the moment the cinema ticket price is confirmed at RM20. The pirated dvds are available throughout Malaysia at a price of RM7 per movie. Compare that to a total cost of RM100 a family of four has to pay to watch a single movie, that too at the current price.

The efforts to clamp down on pirated goods would be futile after years of making in-roads.

Alternatively, Malaysians who are internet savvy will be downloading tons of Hollywood movies day in day out. Whether it's legal or not, Malaysians were left with limited choices.

Well, I'm not asking everyone to go for pirated dvds or start downloading. Definitely there will be one or two marvellous locally produced movies of which I have seen a number on my own. That's only one or two per year. That's all. If I'm going to watch one or two local movies per year (assuming I can't afford the RM20 ticket), this will cause major problems to the local cinemas.

Cinemas will start to close down, food outlets opened near the cinemas will experience lower sales, lesser people will throng the shopping centres .............. with the current world economy, we better analyse the cost and benefit analysis with lots of details first before making this decision.

Just when BIG cinema is intending to open dozens of cinemas and now this issue.

Lots of people are giving their opinions (or a piece of their mind) in a forum found in Cinema Online in particular on this same issue.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This actually helping those selling pirate DVD to make their million bucks...

All the pricing was went up, if this is not the sign of Inflation, what it's?

05 January, 2009 09:45  
Blogger Josephine said...

In SG, it is SGD10 per ticket, after convert it is RM24 per ticket.
I think this is the reason why I do not go to cinema nowadays. And that's y pirated DVDs are so sellable now.

05 January, 2009 10:31  
Blogger khengsiong said...

If everyone starts to download movies from the Internet, expect Streamyx to be even slower.

And I think that is a good news for Packet One.

05 January, 2009 11:26  
Blogger foongpc said...

If they raise the price to RM20, I will have no choice but to buy pirated DVDs or download movies online. Unless it's a movie I really really want to see of course, which like you said, will be maybe one or two movies in a year. Will I watch more local shows? No, I will watch the ones with good quality only, which is rare. I wonder how much ticket price will increase for Gold Class and also those shown in GSC Signature.

05 January, 2009 16:04  
Blogger soulesscloudy said...

Pirated DVD now is RM8-RM10 per piece.. If the ticket really increase in such a way... its help to boost up the pirated sales...

I rather watch TV.. anyhow just kind of entertainment only.. to spend time...

05 January, 2009 18:17  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

I hardly go to cinema for years already. Just download movie with torrent and watch at home. Cheap and cheerful

05 January, 2009 18:56  
Blogger Chemhoster said...

Yea, it's undoubtedly an easy way out to make local movies more competitive. However, Johnny you have given more than ample reasons that the foreign movies price should not the going up. Economy is damn bad now. 100% increase in price will definitely freaks people out. I suppose the government should stimulate the monetary flow within the country to push the nation economy at the time being. In the recent news, the ministers keep assuring that Malaysia will survive the economy crunch in 2009, let's see what they are doing about this proposal? By this, we could somehow judge how far our government is looking forward.

05 January, 2009 19:38  
Blogger Jason Law said...

As you mentioned, they should improve their standard instead of protecting them in this way. Just like local vehicle...

What will happen in the end? Slow improvement, higher profit for them and consumers suffer...

05 January, 2009 21:49  
Blogger ku E said...

if that's so, i wonder whether i could easily get movie tickets from my lil' sis anymore? huhuu...

05 January, 2009 22:16  
Blogger Tikno said...

Maybe necessary the salary of artists should be considered.

06 January, 2009 01:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bet now most ppl will spam nuffnang for contests to get free movie tix.

thats IF nuffnang has the offers

07 January, 2009 17:32  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

daniel - dvd sellers will be laughing but i believed that pirated dvd will be sold at a much higher by then also

josephine - the only way for prices to come down is to see a great economy depression but then many people will be out of a job also

khengsiong - packet one is not cheap

foong - gold class will be much higher for sure

wanwan - u have said it

borneo - u saved a lot then

chemhoster - if the govt only thinks of protection, it will defeat the purpose of an open market

jason - consumers will have to be smart by then

ku e - u cld but a lot lesser haha

tikno - i suspect that they are more interested in protecting the investors' money

blowfly - they still do

08 January, 2009 11:18  
Blogger Annoymous said...

SGD still cost more.

05 February, 2009 15:49  
Blogger Ai-Ling said...

the pirated dvd sellers will be smiling from the left ear to the right one...

05 February, 2009 16:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

harmony - but if u compare dollar to dollar, its still the same.

ai ling - oh yes if it happens

06 February, 2009 15:37  

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