Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet Victory for Man Utd

On Sunday morning right after church service, bumped into another guy who's a Chelsea supporter. What else can come out from our mouth when two of us meet up? Football, of course. His remark - Man Utd lost to Derby, a lower division team, during the week and what more this is Chelsea.

Haha ....... I haven't sms him yet and neither has he.

I read about Jose Bosingwa's (Chelsea's right back player) remark in his pre-match interview. He said that he has inside knowledge to stop Ronaldo. I was not surprised as they play for the same country, Portugal. Halfway through second half, Bosingwa was substituted by Juliano Belletti. Rightly because two goals came from his section. I wonder what inside knowledge he has.

I went to the nearby mamak restaurant to catch some football atmosphere. Big match such as this would normally pack the restaurant. True enough and I got a place about 15 feet away from one of their giant TV. Noticed that a number of customers were wearing the Man Utd jersey.

With a number of near misses, the wait for the first Man Utd goal was really too much for us to bear (can't sense any Chelsea supporters around). Moreover, when it went in it was disallowed. A heart attack situation. From the a corner kick, the ball was directed by Cristiano Ronaldo into goal and majority of the customers clapped and made some noise only to realise in few seconds later that it was disallowed.

In the next few seconds, the corner kick was re-taken and somehow, somehow ..... it met with Nemanja Vidic's head and went straight into goal again. It was meant to be Man Utd's goal no matter what. This time the crowd at the restaurant went wild and celebrated high decibels shouts.

The next two goals from Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov were clinical finish. All players worked hard for this game. I can't believe that Park Ji Sung could still command a first eleven in the team till today. A memorable game with Man Utd winning 3-0 at Old Trafford.

Liverpool, we are coming!

My Liverpool friends told me this earlier despite Liverpool's certain lousy games - "please look at the table". They are just reminding me that no matter how bad they have played, they are still on top of Man Utd in the English Premier League table.

This was the same comment mentioned by two Arsenal friends during the opening season. Will history repeat itself for Liverpool?
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Blogger Simon Ho said...

Glory glory Man United. They can laugh at us at Derby all they want but last night's victory was a solid proof that the boys are gonna terrorize Mr.Rafa and his boys!

12 January, 2009 21:41  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

simon - football fans of other clubs still dont learn. the match or even the season has not end when it's still on with 3 minutes or 1 match

13 January, 2009 01:12  
Blogger prisonsurvivor said...

Never mine the Derby match...still got 2nd leg to come...they can still go into Final! Yesterday Won against Wigan 1-0! But Rooney Tevez and welbeck will get chance to shine tough...

15 January, 2009 16:26  

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